Saturday, 24 December 2011

English Recitation

English recitation competition was organized for pre-primary kids on 26/11/11. Each class presented the poem on the stage with the action in front of the mike among the teachers and students.The purpose of this activity is to build up the confidence of the students in-front of the public.Children took active participation in the competition and enjoy the experience of stage.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Children's Day(Toffee Hunt)

On the occasion of Children's Day a "Toffee Hunt" is planned with movie show for pre-primary kids.They liked the movie show and the dance party with their class teacher and friends.At the end of dance party chocolates were distributed . The mean of this activity is to move kids away from the routine days of school. By this way children celebrated their day.

Rabbit Mask Making

A fascinating activity of "Rabbit Mask Making" was organized for pre-primary kids on 12/11/11. Throughout this activity children trained to craft a rabbit mask with the aid of  paper plate and chart paper.The paper plate cut into two pieces and make the rabbit mask.The purpose of this activity is to teach them paper plate work.Children took pleasure in this fascinating activity.

Aquarium with Toffee wrapper

An interesting activity of 'Aquarium' making with toffee wrapper was conducted for pre-primary kids on 5/11/11. Students were asked to bring the toffes wrapper. Teachers taught them how to make aquarium using waste toffee wrappers. The aim of this activity is to learn them how we use the waste material and make an attractive aquarium.

Dog Puppet

A very interesting activity of 'Dog Puppet' making was organized for pre-primary kids dated on 15/10/11. Children taught to make dog puppet with the help of brown colour handmade sheet and straw. The handmade sheet folded in the shape of dog and the straw was pasted. The purpose is to teach them paper folding work. Children enjoy a lot with their dog puppet. 

Hindi Recitation

Hindi recitation competition was organized on 17/09/11 for pre-primary kids. During the competition each class presented the poem on the stage with the action in-front of mike among the teachers and students. The aim of this competition is to build up the confidence of pre-primary students. Children as well as the audience enjoy the competition. 

Green Day & Sowing of Seeds (2/07/11)

Green Day is celebrated for pre-primary students.Students were called in green  dress. They were taught how to sow seeds with the help of gardener and garden tools.Teacher taught the green colour concept.The purpose of this activity is that the students can identify the green colour and learn how to sow seeds. Each student actively took interest in this activity.

Table Manner

Table manner activity is organized for pre-primary students.Students were asked to bring table mat,1glass,1plate,2 napkin and aloo-puri in the lunch box. 
Teachers told them to wash their hand before eating meal. Teachers instruct them how to eat the food with the right hand. and how to take the small bite and eat the food properly. 
The purpose of this activity is to teach them table manner.Children had fun and they enjoyed the activity.

Brushing of your teeth

Pre-primary students were asked to bring one tooth brush to school.Teachers taught them how to do the brushing in a proper way with the help of toothpaste. From every class two/three students were taken out and they did the activity step by step.The main motto of this activity is to teach them good habit and brushing our teeth in a correct way.Children had enjoyed and having fun during this activity.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Khangaroo Race

To build the gross motor skills of our pre-primary children, a very interesting activity "Khangaroo Race" is organized.  They warned the khangaroo mask prepared by the teacher and they run in the garden.Children had enjoyed the khangaroo race and actively participated in the activity.

Pink Day

Pre-primary children came in the school uniform which is pink colour. Children were asked to bring any pink object to school. Teacher taught them to recognize the pink colour with the help of the object. Pink colour paper bag was gifted to every single child by the teachers.The main purpose of this activity is to make them recognize the pink colour.Students took interest in the activity.

Candy Day

Pre-Primary children were asked to bring one candy (lollipop) to school.Children shared the candies with each other.The aim of this activity is to teach them how to share things with each other.Children took active participation and enjoyed the activity with the colourful candies.

Movie show + Toy day

Pre-primary children were asked to bring the favourite toy in the school, and there is a story enactment by the teacher with the help of toys. The story name was “The Cap-seller And The Monkey”. The purpose of this activity is to make them adjustable with the atmosphere on the IInd day of the school.Children had fun during the story session and enjoyed the toy party.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Dance Party

Dance party was organized for pre-primary to make them adjustable with the atmosphere on the very first day of the school.Children came in the party dress. With music system they enjoyed the dance party very well.

Children's Day Celebration

Birthday of Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru was celebrated with great enthusiasm and energy by teachers & students our school. The day started with a prayer and an interactive session was organized by Principal Ma’am for the students of classes VI-X.

Mr. Ahinav Dhaiya, President of “Udaan” an NGO working for the benefit of the society, had an interactive session and guided our students and inspired them in very simple words.

A movie show and a talent hunt show was organized for the students. All the students had a  gala time and at the end sweets were distributed to them.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Pre-Primary kids Presenting Ramayana!

As a part of Diwali celebration the pre-primary students prtesented "The Ramayana " which tells about life of "Rama" who, lived his whole life by the rules of dharma; in fact, that was why Indians consider him heroic.

The teachers narrated the story and then gave the students practice.The students were able to enact understanding the story and the situation.

The little ones with their colorful attire were a treat to watch. The children presented each and every aspect of epic with grace and confidence. The atmosphere was filled with festive fervor and divinity.

In retrospect students realized that the festival signifies not merely the celebration but lighting of the spark of the Divine Power in everyone of us, which spurs us on to play our dynamic parts in this world of practical and hard realities with a sense of high spiritual purpose.It was great to see the tiny tots of the school enacting the characters of Ramayana with full spirit.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

A part of Diwali Celebration!

                                The four houses of the school presented their skills of rangoli on the occasion of Diwali celebration.The students were very enthusiastically participated in the competition. It was so colourful with different rangolis and a spirit of joy was everywhere. Participant Students were walking up and down to have a look at the progress of the other contestants as the contestants were busy drawing swift lines and filling up with rangoli amidst the excited kids who were eager to give colouring ideas to their house teams.


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Foreigners Visit

A group of ten people from United States of America visited Saint Soldier Public School on 14th October 2011. Some of them were engineers, lawyers and teachers. Their purpose was to see how the Indian schools work. What is the Indian Education System? Our Principal Ma'am gave them information about school its education policies and programmes. They visited each & every class, talked to teachers and students. They were crossed questioned by the students also. Students gave them handmade cards. In all they enjoyed the visit and was an exposure to the students.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Dr. Radhakrishnan’s  Birthday, throughout the country is celebrated as Teacher's Day on 5th September every year.
On 5/9/2011 was a day to relax and enjoyment for teachers as on this day our students from class VI-X organized a show for the teachers and followed by titles to every teacher. Through a skit the students presented a class and situations which are faced by every teacher.The students put up a great show. And every teacher would wait for this day to come again next year. 

Independence Day Celebration

15 August, throughout the country every year is celebrated with feeling of patriotism. In our school also this day was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by the SSPS family. The programme  started with the welcoming followed by the flag hoisting and National Anthem. After this students presented cultural programme expressing their feelings of patriotism towards our Motherland India. The programme ended with the prize distribution by the chief guest and followed by the vote of thanks by our own Principal Ma’am.

Voting For Student Council

After campaigning, voting procedure was conducted on 9/8/2011. The students from classes VI-X participated in this by giving their valuable votes to the deserving candidates. Students actively participated and became aware of the value of their votes and judgement.

Campaigning For Student Council

India is a democratic country and to make the students of our school aware of the voting system under democracy, the first step was to introduce the students council through campaigning.
Under this the deserving candidates under the able guidance of their teachers went to every class with strong motto to ask their friends to vote for them.

Patriotic Song Competition

Patriotism isn’t a short fury burst of emotions, but the long and steady dedications of a lifetime. To portray the same feeling of patriotism ‘Patriotic Song Competition’ was held in the activity hall of SSPS.
We could feel that everyone present there was eager to sink into the depth of music and songs dedicated to our soldiers & our own country India. It was conducted under the able stewardship of our music teacher.
The Patriotic songs sung by the students were quite captivating! Poetry of footsteps, A blend of cosmic tune and divine music. Students of class VI were the winners of the competition.

Van Mahotasav

On 15th of July 2011 “Van Mohotsav” was celebrated in Saint Soldier Public School,Pratap Nagar.It was accompanied by the inaugural function of "Eco Club”.
Sapling of plant was done by the Principal Ma’am who later addressed the students and made them aware about sensitive environmental problems. And even encouraged them through her inspiring words to grow more & more plants in and around their locality, school and home. Students enthusiastically under the guidance of their teachers participated in Van Mahotsav through plantation of saplings.
Students of class VIII brought maximum number of plants and won the title of “Green Class” for this academic year.