Saturday, 31 August 2013

Touch, Feel & Learn Activity!!


Touch feel and learn activity was held in Pre-Primary Section.

 Teachers collected  different materials of different texture and taught them about the concept of hard & soft, thick and thin rough and smooth. Teachers asked them questions related to the topic and after the session students could answer..

Friday, 30 August 2013

Janmashtmi Celebration!!


Janmashtmi celebration was held in Pre-primary section. children came in colourful dress up of Radha and Krishna.A small speech was prepared by prep class student. Little children of nursery K.G & Prep performed the dances on different songs.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Pre-primary Rakhi Making Competition!!


                                           Rakhi was celebrated in Pre - Primary classes.

Students brought Rakhies and dry sweets. Girls tied rakhi to boys to mark the feeling of brotherhood the boys gave them sweets.

Also Rakhi Making activity was done in the scrap book. Students learnt about the bond of love between brother and sister.

Spellathon Competition VI to VIII !!!

DATE: 24-08-2013 (SATURDAY)
Language is an important part of expression and the mode of expression and diction can be ideal only if the spelling habits are good. Thus, a spell bee competition was organized for classes VI to X to enhance development of correct articulation and communication even under pressure.

The competition was divided into six rounds, there were in total eight teams. The first round was elimination round in which the students had to identify the word with correct spelling. In the next round only the best five teams were selected. Thereafter, the second round initiated which was ‘Word Formation’-and the participants had to make as many words as possible. Third round was ‘Jumbled Words’ in which the participants had to identify the right word. Next round was ‘Fill In the Space’ in which the participants had to fill the space with right alphabet to turn it out into the exact word.
Fifth round was ‘Spellathon Round’ in this round the students were shown eight alphabets and they had to make as many words as possible from the letters with the centre letter being compulsory.
Last round was rapid fire in which the students had to spell out the words speedily in the given time limit.
The competition was very interesting and conversant. The students learnt new words and it enriched their vocabulary. At the end principal ma’am guided us with her motivating words.
The winner was IX – A.

Spell Bee Competition of I to V!!!

Date:- 24-8-13(Saturday)

                            Rich vocabulary plays an important role in a person's expression. A sound knowledge of spelling pattern enable a person to be confident in his expression. Thus, a Spell Bee competition was held for classes I to V to make students learn importance of spellings and vocabulary and to improve their communication skill.

This was a class wise competition.There were five rounds in total. The first round was "Choose Correct Spelling Round", wherein multiple spellings of some word were shown on screen and Students had to identify correct spelling. Thereafter second round was "Jumbled Words Round" in which Students had to put jumble word in  correct- order and recognize the word. Third Round was named "Missing letters round", in which students had to fill in the blank and tell the word. Next Round was "Form Words From Word Round" in which- students had to form as many as word from a provided word.
                                                             Last round was "Rapid fire round", wherein students had to spell out maximum words in given time limit.Students enthusiastically took part in competition. They got motivated to work harder on their Vocabulary on daily basis. The winner was II standard.

Boats on Water at Pre-Primary!!

date:- 24-8-13(Saturday)

Today Boats on water activity was done in the Pre-primary section. Children learnt to make
 paper boats and enjoyed floating it on water with the guidance of teachers. Teachers also taught about the concept of sink and float with different objects e.g. pebbles coins, bits of paper and leaves.

Activity- Follow Your Heart!!!


                                                  A Programme was organized at our school which was presented by classmate ITC “Follow Your Heart- inspiration from achievers” which was based on the topic ‘Let your uniqueness drive your successes’. 
                                    The main motto was to inspire students to take decision and choose the path of their own choice, instead of following others they should listen to their heart.

In which the students were asked to write and tell that to follow your heart what you will do? There was an online interaction session held with young achievers like Terrance Louis, Ayushman Khurana, Soha Ali Khan & Ravinder Singh.               
                       In which students put up their question about their career graph and about their struggles and they also shared their life experiences with students.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Independence day on its Hype!!!

 Date:- 15-8-13(Wednesday)

                                                     The price for Independence is often isolation and solitude. True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else.
                               Thus on this auspicious of our 67th independence we once again gathered to celebrate our national festival with great zeal.

                                                   We were honoured by the presence of our esteemed chief guest SARDAR SATWANT SINGJI-Vice President of Rajasthan Sikh Samaj and presiding guest  SARDAR BALDEV SINGHJI ex chairman of vigilance committee Nagar Nigam Jaipur and additional secretary of Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha Education Board and  SARDAR AJAY PAL SINGH JI- Chairman Of Gurunank Sabha Education Board and JASBIR SINGH JI – Treasurer Of Guru Nanak Sabha Education Boardand,SARDAR GURMEET SINGHJI Secretary Of Gurunank Sabha Education Board
The ceremony began with the unfurling of the national flag followed by national anthem. Thereafter, the head boy of the school was called on for the pledge as a constant reminder of our resolution.
              With this the cultural programme was initiated. To begin with, the students performed ‘LAZIUM DRILL’ presenting tremendous example of discipline. The students also paid tribute and gratitude to the thousands of martyrs who fought for us, through their ‘English and Hindi speech’ illustrating the path of freedom struggle.
                                             Independence Day is a mark of great delight and joy of patriotism and hence came our dance group demonstrating their elation through a ‘patriotic dance’. Celebration of Independence Day is incomplete without depicting the toil and difficult path followed by our freedom fighters. Hence a ‘dance drama’ was presented to throw light on their hard toil.
Last but not the least our choir performed an energetic ‘patriotic song’ on the eve of Independence Day.The function ended with a words of encouragement and motivational speech by honourable Jasbir Singh ji. Also our respected principal ma’am expressed her gratitude by giving a vote of thanks to everyone present there.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Skit Competition(III to V)

                                    Drama plays a very important role in education now days. The greatest thing it can teach is to redefine our daily lives by giving students more cultural expression, enhance their intercultural and social competences.
Thus, an inter class 'Skit Competition' was organized for classes III - V. each class enacted their skits conveying a moral message to the audience. They presented their act with proper dress up of the characters, and captivating use of props according to the requirement of their scripts. All the participants did a meticulous task and performed with perfection.  It was overall an enjoyable performance.
 The participants learnt to feel empathy towards others and displayed a high level of confidence in their diction.
 Class V was declared the winner and special appreciation was also given to the class for mass participation.