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One tree can start a forest, One smile can begin a friendship. One hand can lift a soul, One word can frame the goal. One candle can wipe out darkness, One laugh can conquer gloom One life can the difference                      Be that one today.

Van Mahotsav is annual tree planting festival in India. This movement was initiated in the year 1950 by India’s union Minister for Agriculture, Kulpati Dr K. M Munshi. It has gained immense national importance and every year millions of saplings are   planted all across India in observation of the Van Mahotsav week.  In the same theme, Vivekanand society for social service came to our school premises and donated 100 saplings under their “Go Green Campaign”. A small ceremony was organized for handing over of sapling wherein ceremony started with a song filled with significance of trees in human life. After that an enactment of mime was presented by students of VIII–B depicting how destruction of nature will lead to the destruction of civilization.    A…


In our school on 22nd July 2016, Child Safety  was discussed in detail with the children and students addressed the varied aspects of the same and a Poster Making and a Slogan Writing activity was organised on the basis of guide lines received from D.E.O’s office. 
The activity was an eye opener for the students and the staff as well. Students participated in it with great spirit and it was an interesting learning experience for them.


Saint Soldier Public School organized an Orientation Programme  for the Parents of Pre Primary on 9-7-16. Ms. Neelam the Prep Class teacher welcomed the parents.

Pre-primary wing parent orientation is important because it gives you information about child’s classroom experience, and involves the parents in their education. Attending one of these orientations is a great gift , and helps build a foundation on education that will serve them for a lifetime.                                             Principal Ms.Aruna Suresh talked on homework and classroom assignments, and talk about the school’s policies on attendance, discipline, other concerns in these areas. Ms.Anuradha informed how they handle activities and other classroom celebrations She also shared a presentation on how activities are conducted so that parents can understand how their child will be learning.                                                     Finally a feedback  was taken from …

Closing Ceremony of Van Mahotsav Week

“Learn character from trees, values from its roots and change from leaves.” In Saint Soldier Public SchoolVan Mahotsav week was celebrated from 4th July to 7th July. Opening ceremony of the Van Mahotsav week was held on  4th July. 

The opening ceremony included a speech on Van mahotsav , and plantation of saplings by all teachers along with Respected Principal Ma’am.

 On 5th July a Bookmark competition was held for classes 1st  to 10th   in which students were asked to make green coloured bookmarks. 

On 7th July, i.e. closing ceremony of Van Mahotsav  Pratishta of class III expressed views of a tree. After that there was pledge to safeguard our trees and plants. Then there was a ‘mime’ presentation by the students of 8th  which gave message not to cut 

Then at last Respected Principal Ma’am encouraged us with her motivational words. Students of all the classes brought saplings in large number and planted them making it a huge success.

This week gave us message to plant trees and save …

Closing Ceremony of Summer Camp

As a regular trend, the organised the Summer Camp which ended up succeed for on 18th June, 2016. Children enjoyed the different activities like swimming, Skating and dancing. It was a great experience for everyone and learning it will really help for the overall development of the children. Principal Ma’am gave them certificates and blessing for their further.

Congratulations! For Excellence in Academics (2015-16)