Martial Art has been introduced in our school as it can offer basic skills such as co-ordination, motor skills and how to follow directions. Martial Arts have the opportunity to strengthen all the student’s body parts - including the most important part, the mind. our students are given training in martial arts as it has been included in the regular curriculum.

We offer swim lessons for students. Our pool has water, friendlier on the skin and eyes. The pool is located within the school campus .We have a trained swimming coach qualified with further education and an extensive history and experience of working with children.   Water Safety measures and swimming lessons are taught to the students of classes from I-V. We have a detailed process including progression notes on every student to ensure that each child is progressing.

Field Trip & Excursions

We organize regular Field Trips and Excursions to inculcate Team spirit, Leadership and make our students self-reliant and independent. Our excursions also go a long way in providing hands-on-experience to our students on a particular subject. In addition to this we are also planning to have a STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMME where students will be sent abroad to learn about various cultures and customs.