Thursday, 27 March 2014

Workshop on ‘Role of communication skills to improve teaching methodology’

Date:- 27-3-14
A workshop on ‘Role of communication skills to improve teaching methodology’ was conducted by Mr.Abhinav Dhaiya from UDAAN NGO. The workshop was to enrich teachers on the art of communication. The workshop also emphasized on the basics of good communication is to ‘Listen’, ‘Empathize’, ‘Ask’ and to ‘Solve Problem’. Making the session more interesting a questionnaire was prepared for teachers to find out how comfortable they are while communicating with others.

Mr.Dhaiya also told us the remedies and stressed on essential values (namely Building Rapport, self confidence, clarity of thoughts, understand others, build eye contact and more importantly to love your profession) that can help in developing better communication.

The session also focused on ‘How to deal with difficult people’ that we often meet in our day to day life. The session concluded by motivating teachers to think out of box and to extract potential out of the students and to create a friendly atmosphere in the class so that the students could open up with their teacher and learn  to love and respect their teachers.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Sukhmani Sahib Paath for Guru's Blessings!

                                          ‘Perfectly fulfilled and famous are those, in whose minds the supreme lord god abides, by his grace, his devotees become famous and acclaimed. Therefore Sukhmani path was organized in our school to focus our consciousness on the True Guru who perfectly fulfills our dream.’
                                    Thus, on 1st March a Sukhmani Sahib Paath was organized in the school, for the growth and development of the school, extension of provisional affiliation and to seek blessings for our first 12th class batch praying that may they get flying colours in their board examination that commenced from 1st march only. The Sukhmani Sahib Paath started at 10:30 a: m, paath was done by the sangat. We were also blessed and honoured with the presence Secretary sir Sardar Gurmeet Singhji, treasurer sir Sardar Jasbeer Singh ji ,Sardar Baldev Singhji and other Dignitaries.

             After the path ‘The Ragis’ (MASTAN JI AND GROUP) of gurudwara RAJA PARK performed shabad singing. Even Our students both seniors and pre primary also performed shabad singing after the path. The paath filled the ambience with spiritualism; it was a treasure giving and spreading the message that virtuous person who does not walk in the way of greed, and who abides in Truth, is accepted and loved by all.               
The hymns recited enhanced our Faith in Him  within our mind
After the Shabad singing “Ardaas” was done by Gyani Jagdish Singh ji, followed by the ‘Prasad’ distribution. Thereafter langar was done and everyone took part heartily in it.

Visit to School’s Vegetables Garden@SSPS

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