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Inter School Sabad Singing Competition

“Eka Bani Ek Gur EkoSabdVichar”||

Only the word of the One Enlightener alone is the one hymn to be reflected upon."In Sikhism, a Sabad is a sacred song selected from Sikhism's scriptureGuru Granth Sahib, everlasting Guru of the Sikhs. It is not the book, paper, ink, binding or cover which is considered as the Guru, rather it is the Sabad , the sacred songs of Gurbani, and the enlightening emanating brilliance which is present when the Sabad is seen, spoken, or sung, and its meaning reflected on, which is the actual Guru of the Sikhs. Our school was privileged to conduct an Inter School Sabad Singing Competition. Four schools i.e. Saint Soldier Public School C-Scheme, Saint Soldier Academy Raja Park , Guru Nanak Dev Sr. Sec. School  Adarsh Nagar and our host school Saint Soldier Public School Pratap Nagar took part in this competition.  The competition was divided into four groups; Group I for Pre -Primary Group II for Class’s I-V. Group iii for Class’s VI-VIII Group IV for Class’s…

Fruits and Vegetables market Acitivity

Pre-Primary wing of Saint Soldier Public School organized a Fruit and Vegetable market for the students in school premises.

Few children came in the dress up of Vegetables and fruit vendor.
Children also brought different fruits and Vegetables. Teachers arrange the counters for the activity. Children learnt how to buy vegetables and fruits and show we use money. Principal Ma’am encountered the children. Children enjoyed the activity.

Spiritual Shobha Yatra

Shri Guru Nanak Devji set up a spiritual social and political platform for equality fraternal love, goodness and virtue. Communities who inspired people to lead a simple and spiritual life with purpose of serving humanity. To mark the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji is approaching on 25th November a Nagar Kirtan was organized on Nov. 21 which commenced from Chaura Rasta, and ended at Gurudwara, Chandi Ki Taksal, at Badi Chaupar. The staff members and students from std VIII to XI of Saint Soldier Public School,  Pratap Nagar were fortunate to be a part of this Nagar Kirtan under the guidance of honourable Secretary sir and Respected Principal ma’am. The students along with their class teacher departed from school at 1:35 pm. The procession started at 4’oclock. Al l students went there with enthusiasm and a feeling of spiritualism and actively participated in Nagar Kirtan. They seeked blessings of Guru Nanak Dev  ji by praying in Guru Dwara. All the devotes appreciated…


Diwali is a festival of immense joy which   witnessed return of Lord Rama from 14 years exile. To mark the same diwali celebration took place in our school campus. The tiny tots of our school recited poem “Aayi Diwali “. To present the diverse culture of India a beautiful dance performance was given by the students of class 7th and 8th .To make the show musical
The students of class 2nd and 3rd sung a song .Then the students of class 9th  and 10th  performed a scene of Ramayana. T he girls of class 6th  gave a beautiful dance performance.The girls of class 4th  and 5th  also gave a vibrant dance performance and said “Happy Diwali to all“. At last our respected principal mam wished Happy Diwali to all and urged students to have a pollution free Diwali, "A Green Diwali". Thus the program ended with a festive note.
                                                                           Posted by: Mitika Agarwal  Class- XI B

Inter Class Kho Kho Match

Today in our school campus an Inter Class Kho Kho match was conducted between IX B and IX A. The time limit for each team was 9 min. Each team had 9 players who were very spirituality and energetic. This match was conducted under the guidance of our respected Teachers and Sports’ teacher. 
The class teacher of each class guided their teams very well. First match was between boys then the girls. 

The students were full of energy and display healthy spirit. At last the boys IX A and girls IX B won the match.
The teachers congratulated the students for their participation spirit.

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress competition was held in Pre Primary wing of the school. Children of three classes Nur, K.G, and Prep came in different dresses and getup for the competition.
Children walked on the ramp with music and gave different messages and different themes. Respected Principal Ma’am cheered and appreciates the children.
Children enjoyed the activity very much.