Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year Celebration!!

‘Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us’.

                                  So, we ended the year on a promising and an optimistic note with a small cultural programme. We were blessed to have with us as guests SARDAR AJAY PAL SINGH JI (Former Chairman of Rajasthan Housing Board and President of Shri Gurunanak Dev Satsang Sabha Education Board and Rajasthan Sikh Samaj), SARDAR KESAR SINGH JI (President of Gurudwara Raja Park), SARDAR SATWANT SINGH JI (Vice President of Sikh Samaj), our respected Secretary Sir SARDAR GURMEET SINGH JI , Mrs. Vijay Sharma (care taker of the sanstha), Mr. Manoj Sharma (warden of sanstha) and our dear little friends from JAN KALA AND SAHITYA ACADEMY APNA GHAR (a shelter for destitute and  homeless children).

The program initiated with the welcome of our regarded guests as per our Indian tradition by applying tilak. Then carol singing was presented by class IV A giving us the greatest message of mankind. Subsequently a small Christmas message was presented for all present there. We also had a thrilling performance wherein the students tapped on the music showing their elation.
Musical chair was arranged for the amusement of our special guests i.e. our small little friends. All the students cheered them and took pleasure with them in the game. At the end  our esteemed guests bestowed our small little friends from Apna Ghar with a small offering of winter clothes and quilts as a small token of affection from our side wishing them bright future ahead.
Last but not the least our respected Principal ma’am thanked our guests for taking out their valuable time for us and wished students and teachers a very bright future ahead.

Thus at the end I would like to wish everyone a very prosperous new year and also a year of love and laughter for everybody in the world.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Pre Primary Christmas Celebration!!

Date:- 24-12-13(Tuesday)


Christmas Celebration!!

DATE: 24-12-13
Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.
Thus, we had a short Christmas celebration in our school.  The birth of Jesus Christ holds great significance for billions of people worldwide, especially regarding spiritual matters. Therefore the celebration initiated with a brief nativity scene wherein the students depicted how the angel appeared before Mary, which is new this year; the shepherds hearing of Jesus' birth; Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the manger; to the house where the Wise Men arrive with valuable gifts to greet the Jesus.

 Then a short speech on Christmas was presented by kanika ojha of ix class enlightening us the significance of Christmas. To further elaborate the noble reason of this celebration a short skit named’ Jesus – the Redeemer’ was presented by the students in which they showed the kindness of Jesus Christ and how he lended a hand to all the needy and redeemed many from their sufferings. To continue with the Christmas fervor students of class IV came forward and presented carol singing. Adding more charm to the festivity came the students of class v presenting ball dance on a melodious note.The arrival of the Santa’s made the atmosphere more jovial and vivacious. The spectators were cheered to see Santa’s.
Last but not least, our respected principal ma’am narrated us a short story as to how we should inculcate the real meaning of Christmas i.e. the sharing of joys.
We Wish U A Merry Christmas!!

Gift Wrapping Competition!!

Today, before the Christmas celebration and its arrival our students of class VI to VIII had wrapped the gifts for the celebration of Christmas as a class-wise competition. They were very good-looking, beautiful and well Wrapped for the celebration.

The students had used many decorative items for wrapping the gifts beautifully. It is said that children are helping Santa Claus for outer decoration. All the gifts were most beautifully wrapped and all were deserving to be the winners.

Christmas Corner Decoration Competition!!

Christmas is the main festival of Christians and is celebrated every year on 25th of December, as it marks the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated all over the world with great pomp and show.

 The sending of Christmas cards, the exchange of Christmas time greetings, carol singing and observance of fasting are a few special religious observances done on Christmas Eve. The little things we do on Christmas Day, Gives us the memories to be cherished forever. So, to relish some of these memories a class wise Christmas corner decoration for classes IX – XI was organized in the school. There were six participants from each class. Each class beautifully presented their corners showing the onset of winters and the festive spirit coming ahead. The students very attractively decorated the corners in their own distinctive ways. There were lighted Christmas trees, snow man; a few classes presented the nativity scene i.e. the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is incomplete without the Santa so, to add more charm to the decorations, they presented Santa riding chariot and getting new ray of hope for all of us. 

                           It was a very tough competition as each class had decorated their corners very meticulously. Hence, to conclude the secret of Christmas is not the things you do at Christmas time, but the little things you do all year through.
Wish you all a merry Christmas and many more to come.

Carol Song Competition!!

Songs are the expression of one’s soul and the   purest   form to express heartfelt gratitude to Almighty; it is the prayers which help us encounter God. As   there is Christmas in air a ‘Carol singing competition’ was organized in primary section. I to v classes participated in this competition. 

All the carols presented were mesmerizing   and produced a divine atmosphere and soaked everyone in bliss. All the carol presented by children were well coordinated and in rhythm. Various props were also used to make their song presentable. Each carol   contained gratitude towards Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for humanity.  

In the end   the principal ma’am appreciated efforts put in by small kids to make the program a grand success. Later she   announced the result, class IV B was announced first with its magnificent presentation and melodious singing, classes IV A and II secured, second and third positions respectively.  Everyone enjoyed this competition and program ended with a divine note.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Every day in newspapers we read about the stock market transactions, the new investment plans and the various new savings policies coming up, but rarely do we think about the importance and usefulness of these plans in our daily lives.
                                  The NSE financial quest workshop organized by MR. SUNIL proved to be eye opener for all of us. The workshop was basically about the increasing needs of the people and how to cope with the dropping savings, better investment plans that can make our future secure. It was explained further what are the things one need to check before getting ready to invest.
                                    It also elucidated the various genuine investment plans and their right selection, the various steps to get started for our savings.
The workshop was very short and sweet guiding us how we should take decisions on facts not on emotions and how each and every penny saved on time becomes useful in future.

Friday, 20 December 2013

A Day With My Toy!!

Date:- 20-12-13(Friday)
Today “A day with my toy activity was done in Pre Primary section of the school. All the students of Nursery, K.G. & Prep came with their favourite toy. Children were very happy with the toy. They also spoke a few lines about their toys. Principal Ma’am cheered the children and explains the importance of toys and how it helps in developing their cognitive and emotional development.

Special Assembly of IX B !!

Date:- 19-12-13(Thursday)

Jaipur, also known as 'Pink City', is famous for its rich cultural heritage. The city is garlanded by the presence of number of beautiful monuments that echo the splendid history of the city. Magnificent monuments such as Jaigarh Fort, Amer Fort, City Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Gaitore, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal, Rambagh Palace and Statue Circle etc. are spectacular sights which attract hordes of tourists every year.
Students of class IX B presented a Puppet Show Showcasing this monuments. In which they asked the questions in the riddle form and checked The knowledge of the students about the monuments of their own city. The students really enjoyed the skit.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Become a cool activity!!

                                                                                                   Become a cool chef activity was held in pre – Primary section in Saint Soldier School. Little children of Nur. K.G. & Prep made fruit salad, sprouts chaat and bhelpuri  with the help of their teachers Principal ma’am and runner up of Junior Master Chef
Master. Devendra Singh  tasted all the items and appreciated the students.

Master. Devendra Singh gave the students tips to improvise salads without spoiling the flavour of the salads.Teachers also gave the importance of all the fruits and vegetables and encourage the children to eat all the fruits and vegetables. Teachers also explained the nutritive value of fruits and vegetables.

Inter Class Skit Competition! I & II

‘The ode lives upon the ideal, the epic upon the grandiose, and the drama upon the real’.
Today an inter class skit competition was organized for class I and II. The students performed a refined form of enactment with a message.  Students of class I beautifully enacted how compassion of heart plays an important role in our lives and it is not the wealth that defines the richness of a person instead a person’s character that makes one rich. Class II was not far behind and they portrayed a heart touching message on ‘Important of Trees’ for our lives and how each one of us should take initiative to save trees.


                     It was on the whole a very thrilling performance; the tiny tots were successful in stealing the hearts of the audience. At the end our respected principal ma’am appreciated the children and teachers for their tremendous efforts and announced the winner.

Class II was declared the winner.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Special Assembly of IX A!

Date:- 5-12-12 (Thursday)

Today, Students of class IX A presented a short skit, in the morning assembly on the topic "Different seasons of life". The moral lesson of the skit was to teach everyone that not to judge anybody quickly by just looking at one season of a person's life. The students really enjoyed the skit.

Debate on ‘Social Networking Sites A Boon Or Bane’ at SAINT SOLDIER, Pratap Nagar!

‘Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand.’

On this note a house wise debate competition was held for classes VI –VIII on the topic ‘Social Networking Sites A Boon Or Bane’ where in there were two students from each house speaking ‘For’ and ‘Against’ the topic accordingly. The students put forward their notions regarding the topic and were successfully able to convince their arguments. They pointed out how it was not the technology but the misuse and half knowledge of the use of technology that creates problems in ones life.
The students were well prepared and proved that they very well know how to put their thoughts on ice. Thus, it was a very healthy and elucidating debate competition which made true the lines of Joseph Joubert that ‘It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it’.

The winner was Ajit Singh House  and the star speakers were Pawan Khandelwal of class VIII A and Simmi Chauhan of class VIII B

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Feathers on paper activity!!!

Feathers on papers activity was held in Pre Primary section. Kids did feather painting  on pictures of different kind of birds in their Scrap books

 Children enjoyed the activity very much and they learnt about the different kind of birds and their feathers.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Salad dressing competition!!

‘What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters………………..compared to what lies within us.”

                                                                                                             Presentation of what you consume is equally important to what to you verbalize. Keeping this in mind a house wise salad dressing competition was organized for class VI –X and class wise for class I – V. In this the participants had to prepare salad and dress it in a presentable way.

Each house participants showcased their bent and bestowed life to the salads by   cropping out the fruits like watermelon, tomato, carrot, white raddish etc to their bestest shapes. The beautification and presentation of the fruits was very tempting.

                                                                                                        Thus, our young buddies have proved that cooking requires confident guess work and improvisation, experimentation and substitution, dealing with failure and uncertainty in a creative way.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Children's Day at Saint Soldier, Pratap Nagar!!

Children are our legacy, our responsibility. They are our destiny and we are theirs...

                   14th November being children’s day, the  day was dedicated for the students.  The morning assembly was made special for the students by organizing a few short games for the students and our respected principal ma’am prompted the students by narrating a story on how we should always act and work truly and lead our life without any fear.

                           There after school was thrilled to organize a fete. Fetes always mean happy times, a real party atmosphere .It was time for the Students to enjoy themselves at the various food and games stalls, each set up and managed by a particular class. The classes organized both food and game stalls.
The game stalls included racing games, ring game sand shooting game. The food stalls were a great hit, which included Sandwich stalls, Bhel Puri stalls, and the students also had a crunch on the yummy Pastries and Ice Creams. .Children of all ages had something to amuse them. The fete raised the  enthusiasm level of the crowd.The students played games with their eager eyes, hoping to be among the lucky few to win a prize.
                                   The fete was a great hit and the food stalls were finished before time, Nevertheless, the event was as always, a resounding success and everyone had a wonderful time.

Thus, it was a small effort taken by the school to wish all children a Very Happy Children’s Day.

Children's Day in Pre Primary Section!!

Date:- 14-11-13(Thursday)


                                             In India Children’s day is celebrated every year on the account of Jawaharlal Nehru’s birth day eve as on 14th November. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's  birthday has been chosen for the celebration of children. The ultimate reason behind this celebration is his extreme love and ardor towards children. 

                              In our School, Children's day was celebrated in Pre-Primary section of the school Nursery and K.G. children played the role of childhood of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

                      Prep class student prepared few lines about Chacha nehru and they also sang a song on chacha Nehru some children gave the gifts to the child who came in the dress up of Chacha Nehru.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Rangoli Making Competition with Diwali celebration! !

Date: 31-10-13 (Thursday)

'The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival…because when you are unhappy, you also throw unhappiness all around.'
                           Thus, on the eve of Diwali a Rangoli making competition was organised for classes 6 - 10th . Selected students from each class had to prepare their rangoli outside their classes. Each class participated very enthusiastically. Students made attractive and picturesque rangoli patterns.

The students were very enthralled and showed their active participation in the competition.
Thus, the diwali celebration concluded on a very positive and happy note.

Inter- class Skit Competition !!

 Skit Competition ,one of the best forms to teach enactment and the lessons of moral values that one can imbibe in their daily lives. Thus, with this an inter class skit competition was organised for classes VI - VIII on the theme 'THE VICTORY OF GOOD OVER EVIL'.

Each class came out with a new dramatic presentation each class taught us that it is only through the virtuous practices that we can attain success at last and evil may be however powerful at last will be surpassed by virtues.
It was overall an enjoyable and learning presentation given by the students.
VIII A was declared the winner.

Diwali Celebration of Pre primary class!!!

                            Diwali celebration was held in Pre Primary section . Children came in Party dresses and brought  'Diya' for Diya decoration. Teachers told them about 5 days 'Diwali' celebration.
 Children decorated 'Deepak' with the help of teachers. Teachers wished them with  tilak and sweets .

 At the end of celebration children enjoyed the dance party organised by the teachers.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Sports day at SAINT SOLDIER, Pratap Nagar!

                     Our school organized its first Annual Sports Meet on 26th oct 2013. The declaration of the sports meet was done by Sardar. Baldev Singhji Additional secretary of Sri GuruNanak Dev Satsang Sabha Education Board by releasing the balloons.
                                                Dr.Amandeep Singh Kapoor ji (Deputy commissioner of police jaipur city east), was supposed to grace us by being the chief guest of the event, but due to some emergency he could not turn up and had sent best wishes. we were  graced by our chairman Sir Sardar Ajay Pal Singh Ji (former chairman of Rajasthan Housing Board and president of Sri GuruNanak dev Satsang Sabha Education Board and Rajasthan Sikh Samaj),  for being the  presiding guest , we also had the honour to have with us Sardar Jasbeer Singh Ji ( former chairman of Rajasthan state commission for minorities)as our guest of honour and governing council body members and School managing committee members were also present.

 In the Opening Ceremony the audience witnessed a wonderful show displaying the essence of yoga. The students left everyone spellbound with their athletic shows which included sprints’, ‘walk with pot’, ‘cross the hurdles’, ‘sack race’ etc .where in the students demonstrated their mental and physical strength. The students took part in the races with great zeal and fervour
Various track and field events like mass drill had the audience in high spirits. The students also performed a scintillating aerobic performance
. Not behind were our junior students who displayed a terrific performances in ‘santa race’, ‘politician race’ , ‘magician race’ etc.

The audience and students were encouraged by our respected chief guest and guest of honour.

Our senior students demonstrated a unique and amalgamated show by joining hands together to form pyramids. The students were left everyone enthralled with their gymnastics and martial art performance.

Devendra Singh Junior Master Chef III Runner Up was appreciated and awarded on Sports Day !!

Last but not the least the students concluded the cultural event
With a flashing Punjabi dance.It was altogether a very enjoying event. All the students especially the participants were really excited about the event..
                                     Our annual sports meet concluded with a vote of thanks by our respected principal ma’am.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Dandiya & Dussehra Celebrations!!

Date:- 11-10-13(Friday)
Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami) is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil.  Dussehra is the culmination of the Navaratri festival.

                                     So, We celebrated "Dussehra" in Pre- Primary Section. Children came in Dandiya dress. Children danced on Dandiya songs and they enjoyed lot. Three children came in the dress up of Ram, Sita and Laxman. Ram killed  Ravan by arrow after that  Ravan was burned and children enjoyed very much .

Balloon Painting was done in the classes on the theme of faces of Ravana.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti Celebration!!

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."
                                                                                                               said by Mahatma Gandhi      

     2nd October is celebrated as the National festival on account of mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri’s B’day.
                                                           Today Class II presented a special assembly on account of Gandhi Jayanti. It  started  with a thought by Vinayak then Parushi said a short speech on Gandhiji, Depicting the life history & instances of these two great leaders. Then the class presented  a poem on Gandhiji in a group. Lastly a student became Gandhiji quoted his few lines.Then we ended with a group song by Senior Girls on Mahatma Gandhiji.

Hindi Divas !

Date: 13/09/13(Friday)

Hindi is our national language. Every year 14th September is celebrated as ‘Hindi Diwas’ to give importance to Hindi language. It gives great pleasure to speak as well as to hear pure Hindi.

This celebration in the school brought a pleasant atmosphere... In order to emphasize the importance of Hindi language a small skit was presented in the school assembly giving the message of importance of our mother tongue that we often ignore with the ongoing westernisation. Hindi Club was also inaugurated on this day so that students are proud of their National language and should be enriched by adopting good words from the language.
Lastly, our principal ma’am honoured the club in charges i.e. Ayush Gupta (x class), Apporva Saxena (ix class), Adarsh (viii class) and Abhishek Gupta of ix class with their badges of Hindi Club.

Monday, 16 September 2013


 Onam is the most popular festival of Kerala . This is a Hindu festival, celebrated with a great enthusiasm throughout Kerala for a period of ten days. Onam marks the homecoming of King Mahabali, a legendary king, who ruled Kerala in ancient times.

 That period was believed to be the golden age of Kerala, people were happy, free from harm and complete harmony and prosperity was there.

On this occasion people wear new clothes, decorate their houses and put flower carpet called 'Pookalam'  in front of their houses, to welcome the King Mahabali.
                                                                      Thus, to mark this festival a house-wise flower Rangoli Competition was organized in the school activity hall, wherein all the participants were given rose and marigold flower petals and they had to bring petals of their own also to beautify their rangoli’s. The students marvelously decorated their rangoli with colourful petals.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Quiz on festivals!!

India is called the country of festivals and the festivals are an integral part of the rich Indian culture which exhibits various colours of life and vivacity. To assess the knowledge of students about major festivals of India an interesting quiz called QUIZ ON FESTIVALS was held in primary section of school. This was a class-wise competition in which I to V classes participated. This quiz was comprised of six rounds in total. First five rounds were about five festivals e.g. Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Dusshera.  

 In each round various questions were asked related to above mentioned festivals .In the last round each class had to name two festivals without repetition of festivals. The students participated enthusiastically in this activity .This quiz enriched students’ knowledge about major festivals of India. Students became aware of legends behind each festival, their significance and all the rituals n customs related to those festivals. Class III   won this competition.


“TRUE DIVINE LIES IN TRUE HEALTH”                                                                 It was a day of excitement for the...