Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Carol Song Competition!!

Songs are the expression of one’s soul and the   purest   form to express heartfelt gratitude to Almighty; it is the prayers which help us encounter God. As   there is Christmas in air a ‘Carol singing competition’ was organized in primary section. I to v classes participated in this competition. 

All the carols presented were mesmerizing   and produced a divine atmosphere and soaked everyone in bliss. All the carol presented by children were well coordinated and in rhythm. Various props were also used to make their song presentable. Each carol   contained gratitude towards Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for humanity.  

In the end   the principal ma’am appreciated efforts put in by small kids to make the program a grand success. Later she   announced the result, class IV B was announced first with its magnificent presentation and melodious singing, classes IV A and II secured, second and third positions respectively.  Everyone enjoyed this competition and program ended with a divine note.

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