Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Feathers on paper activity!!!

Feathers on papers activity was held in Pre Primary section. Kids did feather painting  on pictures of different kind of birds in their Scrap books

 Children enjoyed the activity very much and they learnt about the different kind of birds and their feathers.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Salad dressing competition!!

‘What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters………………..compared to what lies within us.”

                                                                                                             Presentation of what you consume is equally important to what to you verbalize. Keeping this in mind a house wise salad dressing competition was organized for class VI –X and class wise for class I – V. In this the participants had to prepare salad and dress it in a presentable way.

Each house participants showcased their bent and bestowed life to the salads by   cropping out the fruits like watermelon, tomato, carrot, white raddish etc to their bestest shapes. The beautification and presentation of the fruits was very tempting.

                                                                                                        Thus, our young buddies have proved that cooking requires confident guess work and improvisation, experimentation and substitution, dealing with failure and uncertainty in a creative way.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Children's Day at Saint Soldier, Pratap Nagar!!

Children are our legacy, our responsibility. They are our destiny and we are theirs...

                   14th November being children’s day, the  day was dedicated for the students.  The morning assembly was made special for the students by organizing a few short games for the students and our respected principal ma’am prompted the students by narrating a story on how we should always act and work truly and lead our life without any fear.

                           There after school was thrilled to organize a fete. Fetes always mean happy times, a real party atmosphere .It was time for the Students to enjoy themselves at the various food and games stalls, each set up and managed by a particular class. The classes organized both food and game stalls.
The game stalls included racing games, ring game sand shooting game. The food stalls were a great hit, which included Sandwich stalls, Bhel Puri stalls, and the students also had a crunch on the yummy Pastries and Ice Creams. .Children of all ages had something to amuse them. The fete raised the  enthusiasm level of the crowd.The students played games with their eager eyes, hoping to be among the lucky few to win a prize.
                                   The fete was a great hit and the food stalls were finished before time, Nevertheless, the event was as always, a resounding success and everyone had a wonderful time.

Thus, it was a small effort taken by the school to wish all children a Very Happy Children’s Day.

Children's Day in Pre Primary Section!!

Date:- 14-11-13(Thursday)


                                             In India Children’s day is celebrated every year on the account of Jawaharlal Nehru’s birth day eve as on 14th November. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's  birthday has been chosen for the celebration of children. The ultimate reason behind this celebration is his extreme love and ardor towards children. 

                              In our School, Children's day was celebrated in Pre-Primary section of the school Nursery and K.G. children played the role of childhood of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

                      Prep class student prepared few lines about Chacha nehru and they also sang a song on chacha Nehru some children gave the gifts to the child who came in the dress up of Chacha Nehru.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Rangoli Making Competition with Diwali celebration! !

Date: 31-10-13 (Thursday)

'The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival…because when you are unhappy, you also throw unhappiness all around.'
                           Thus, on the eve of Diwali a Rangoli making competition was organised for classes 6 - 10th . Selected students from each class had to prepare their rangoli outside their classes. Each class participated very enthusiastically. Students made attractive and picturesque rangoli patterns.

The students were very enthralled and showed their active participation in the competition.
Thus, the diwali celebration concluded on a very positive and happy note.

Inter- class Skit Competition !!

 Skit Competition ,one of the best forms to teach enactment and the lessons of moral values that one can imbibe in their daily lives. Thus, with this an inter class skit competition was organised for classes VI - VIII on the theme 'THE VICTORY OF GOOD OVER EVIL'.

Each class came out with a new dramatic presentation each class taught us that it is only through the virtuous practices that we can attain success at last and evil may be however powerful at last will be surpassed by virtues.
It was overall an enjoyable and learning presentation given by the students.
VIII A was declared the winner.

Diwali Celebration of Pre primary class!!!

                            Diwali celebration was held in Pre Primary section . Children came in Party dresses and brought  'Diya' for Diya decoration. Teachers told them about 5 days 'Diwali' celebration.
 Children decorated 'Deepak' with the help of teachers. Teachers wished them with  tilak and sweets .

 At the end of celebration children enjoyed the dance party organised by the teachers.