Saturday, 20 July 2019


                              To be a part of Democratic country students of India should be made aware of the voting system under democracy. Therefore, representatives are to be elected to form a student council in the school. Thus the nominees for Head Boy/Head Girl are Yash Bansal, Khem Singh and Priyanshu Dadhich for Head Boy. And, for the Head Girl Kanak Choudhary and Karishma Kansotiya. The Campaigning was done on 18th & 19th morning.  

                          On the Election Day i.e. 19th July 2019 votes were collected in the ballot box in the Activity Hall from the classes VI to XII std. One by One classes casted their vote to their favourite candidates to make them win. It is all about the voting for the student council.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Guru Purnima Celebrated@SSPS

                            On 16th July 2019, Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar, celebrated the 'Guru Purnima' in school campus. A special assembly was presented by the students of SSPS. It started with the Morning Prayer which was followed by a song dedicated to all the teachers. It was an overwhelming feeling for the teachers. Up next was a speech on the importance of Guru Purnima and lastly, a Hindi poem recited by a student of class IX A that was a wonderful presentation of the poem.

                                               On this Occasion, the little toddlers sang a song to pay tribute to their Gurus. Students dressed up in ‘Guru Vishnu ji’ and ‘Shishya’.  ‘Shlokas’ were presented in a melodious way and a skit was presented depicting the importance of the day. They have been told the importance of (Guru) teacher.

Saturday, 13 July 2019


                            Talent hunt Season commenced from 8th July 2019 for classes VI to X. it was conducted to provide the opportunities for the students to perform and to boost their confidence. From 8th July onwards various performing acts were presented by the students of VI to X students. The performing acts include dancing, singing, speech, standup comedy, musical instruments, mimicry and etc.

                               At last, our Honorable Principal Ma’am appreciated all the students who participated and encouraged the students for performing all spheres. Thus, the programme ended with a cheerful note, and Principal Ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh, distributed the certificates and motivated them to follow their passion. The great week of Talent Hunt came to an end with wonderful talents.  
                        Who cares for moon…                                                                              We have sparkling stars…!!
It gave a perfect blend for the end.                                                                                                                                    

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Dedicative closing Ceremony of Van Mahotsav@SSPS

                   “We have not Inherited this Earth from ancestors, We have borrowed it from future generations.” 

 Today, Saturday 6th July 2019 the school dedicaively took part in closing ceremony of week long Van Mahotsav. The Van Mahotsav, a week long celebration to sensitize young learners to plant more and more trees to cure the ailment of earth. From 1st July the Plantation drive has made everyone curious to plant saplings for future. During the Van Mahotsav all looked to have pledged for saving and serving nature’s flora and fauna. 

                                           To curb the advancing deserts and to put a standstill to global heat, this Mahotsav was a step for inspiration. The bleak thinking that someone else will do it for us was deliberately discussed through various activities. The young students were very much curious about planting. Class VII B received the crown of best for planting maximum number of saplings. In the series classes-IX B, II B, I A, Nursery, K.G and Prep got appreciation certificates for their plantation. On the same day, An activity ‘I LOVE NATURE (Say it with Plants)’ , for junior classes in the series of ‘Van Mahotsav’.

                                    The young petals were taken out to plant the saplings. While planting the teachers guided them about the importance of care to plants. It was a fun learning for young petals. The school Principal addressed the school to step ahead for more greenery and also motivated all for the wonderful week of Van Mahotsav.
No other place we are gonna have “The Earth” with its flora and fauna is all we have. 

Monday, 1 July 2019

Opening Ceremony of Van Mahotsav @SSPS

                                 On 1st July 2019, during the morning assembly our school celebrated Van Mahotsav with teachers and students. The morning assembly commenced as usual but Dias were set as per the theme of Van Mahotsav and beautiful song was presented by the students. The song was based on the theme of growing more trees. All teachers were in green attire to celebrate the occasion. 
                                     The usual thought, news, weather forecast and word of the day were followed by the students of class X A which organized the assembly. Then an inspirational, sensational and sympathizing speech was given by Kritika Vijay student of class X A. Then plantation ceremony was done by the Principal Ma’am with other teachers.

                                    Our Principal Mrs. Aruna Suresh gave a heart melting and sensitive speech for the importance of Van Mahotsav. Teachers gathered on stage and planted in pots to mark and motivated the student to make this world green. Last but not the least we all connected our hearts on the hymn to our motherland, with the National Anthem.