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Health Awareness Camp @ SSPS !!!

On 29th Sept. 2018, Wednesday, a Health awareness workshop organized by Dr. Sunil Dhand-MBBS, MD and also who has done specialization in endocrinology in CMC, Vellore
                                           Classes III to IX were addressed by Dr. Sunil Dhand to inspire them for daily exercise, to take proper breakfast and consuming fruits and vegetables as per requirement of age groups. Dr. Sunil also informed to achieve a balanced diet for healthy life style and to remain stress free.                                                  The school is highly obliged as Dr. Sunil spare time for us to teach our young generation good food habits for healthy body and healthy mind. We hope that our young students will utilize it in their daily life. Respected Principal Ma’am Ms. Aruna Suresh thanked Mr. Sunil Dhand for his eye opening speech.

Raksha Bandhan Celebrated !!!

On Saturday, 25th August Saint Soldier Public School, pratap Nagr celebrated the Raksha bandhan in pre primary wings.
                                                      The toddlers learnt the rituals of Raksha Bandhan. The girls tied Rakhi to the boys, offered sweets and in return boys gave them gifts. The festive coloures spread in the environment of the Pre Primary wing. The little ones enjoyed that enthusiastically. The teachers taught them the about the tradition of raksha bandhan and the importance of relationships among the siblings. Our Respected Ma’am Mr. Aruna Suresh blessed them with best wishes.

Inter School Debate Competition @SSPS

Speech is Silver….           Discussion is Distinction……. Debate is Diamond….                                             The fine morning of Saturday 25th August 2018 was a well grooming and enthralling day for Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur as an Inter school debate competition was organized in school where 22 schools participated whole heartedly. Being given a burning question very apt for learners- ‘Coaching centers are a boon or a bane’.

                                  The participants reached full of bags. The event was presided over by Guest-Sardar Ajay Pal Singh ji (Chairman Of Guru Nanak Dev Satsang Sabha Education Board &  Chairman Of Rajasthan Sikh Samaj & Former Chairman Of Rajasthan Housing Board),Sardar Surendra Singh Robin Ji (Chairman of Gurudwara Chandi Ki Taksal, Chairman vigilance committee and Parshad, Nagar Nigam Jaipur), and Shri Iqbal Singh Ji (Chairman Gurudwara PaniPach, Jaipur).                                                   To grac…

School Picnic to Appu Ghar !!!

“Certainly, travel and trips are more than the seeing of sights, it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”
                                   SSPS organized the excursion trips to ‘Appu Ghar’ for classes III to XII on 21st and 23rd August. It was a fun and adventure filled day for the students, they enjoyed Horse riding, Camel cart riding, swimming and various adventurous swings; with fun and curiosity. They enjoyed the natural scenaries along with shower of rain and tasty lunch which made this excursion full of fun and frolic. They learnt sharing with peers as well to reach beyond the fear on the adventurous swings, under the supervision of trainers and teachers.                           As Helen Keller says life is either a daring adventure or nothings; these excursions are helpful to teach them the life skills outside the class-rooms with the peers.

Tribute to our beloved Former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee JI

मौतखड़ीथीसरपर    इसीइंतजारमेंथी       नाझूकेगाध्वजमेरा 15 अगस्तकेमौकेपर तूठहरइंतजारकर लहरानेदेबुलंदइसे मैंएकदिनऔरलड़ूंगा                    मौततेरेसे

Independence Day celebrated !!!

72nd Independence Day was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm in SSPS, Pratap Nagar on August 15, 2018
                                                                  The chief guest of the programme was Sardar Ajay pal Singh ji (Chairman Of Guru Nanak Dev Satsang Sabha Education Board &President Of Rajasthan Sikh Samaj & Former President Of Rajasthan Housing Board), Along With Guests Of Honour Sardar Jasbeer Singh Ji (Chairman Of Minority Commission Of Rajasthan), Sardar Baldev Singh Ji General Secretary Of Guru Nanak Dev Satsang Sabha Education Board, Sardar Surjeet Singh Ji (President Gurudwara Sahib, vaishali Nagar), Sardar Sateyendra Pal Singh Ji (President Gurudwara, Mansorovar) and other dignitaries of variousorganizations and educational fields.

                                                                                                  The students of SSPS performed various dances and song …


SSPS,  Pratap nagar organized Interhouse Patriotic Group Song Competition on August 11th 2018. All four houses participated enthusiastically and were in the patriotic ferver costumes. Sahibzada Ajit Singh house stood first and Sahibzada Jorawar Singh house on the second position.
                               Our Respected Principal Ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh also motivated and blessed the participants. The competition was well organized and filled with patriotic ideas and emotions.

Fancy dress competition-“Become an Alien” !!!

SSPS, Pratap Nagar in Junior section organized a Fancy dress competition on 6th August 2018 for Primary wing classes I to V participated in the attire of the Aliens as the theme of the competition was “Become an Alien”.                           Student has given a message with their performance to make this planet a better world. Respected Principal ma’am announced prizes for the winners and encouraged the students.

A Collage Making Activity !!!

Today Saint Soldier Public School Pratap Nagar organized ‘A Collage Making Activity’ with theme of national leaders to imbibe patriotic feelings among students. 
                           Teachers helped children in making collage of National leaders. The young students enjoyed the activity and explained about our National leaders. Our Respected Principal ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh encouraged the students about activity and patriotism.

The Investiture Ceremony @SSPS

Today Saint Soldier Pubic School, Pratap Nagar organized the sworning in ceremony- The Investiture Ceremony on August 4th 2018.
                                      On this occasion the school was blessed to have secretary Sir Sardar Gurmeet singh Ji as Chief Guest. The ceremony began with lighting of the lamp by honourable Secretary Sir and respected Ma’am Principal. Principal Ma’am Ms. Aruna Suresh announced the name of the newly appointed school council members and briefed the importance of this ceremony. The newly elected school Council members- Head boy-Shivam Dadhich, head girl- Jaanvi Joshi, Discipline Incharge- Shivam Natani, Sports Captain- Shubham Patel, vice-Sports Captain –Anuj Tambi and Exnora Head – Priyanshi jain were honoured by. Secretary Sir and Principal Ma’am pinning up the badges and sashes.
Each house council members escorted by their house incharges marched ahead on stage. They were honoured by badges. It was followed by the oath which was taken by all the council…

Ms. Arielle Rawlings, from Idaho United States of America-joins SSPS team !!!

SSPS, Pratap Nagar is committed to impart the education with appropriate values and “Children with a difference”. Today’s world is a global village where English, as an International language has an important impact and influence.

                     To equip its students, with global phenomena, the school has appointed Ms. Arielle Rawlings, from Idaho, United States of America to impart the apt education to excel the student of SSPS, P.N in all fields.Ms. Arielle Rawlings teaching with the Fulbright program. The School Principal Ma’am Ms. Aruna Suresh welcomed her in assembly with Tilak, mauli and floral garland.