Monday, 17 September 2012


                         In our school Hindi club was inaugurated on the occasion of Hindi Diwas, 14th Sep.The introductory speech was given by Mr. Satish Sharma, the teacher incharge announced the names of the President, Vice President & Co-ordinator were and they were honoured by Principal Ma’am.
Ms. Akriti Gautam(X) was appointed as the President, Ms. Porshiya Gupta (IX) was appointed as the Vice President & Ms. Apoorva Saxena (VIII) was appointed as the Co-ordinator of the club. Hindi Club organised a skit depicting the importance of Hindi as a language and the neglect that it is facing these days in India, the place of its origin. Students presented a song and a poem on the significance of our national language ‘Hindi’.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Inauguration of Literacy Club

Date: - 8-9-12

                                  Today on the occasion of International Literacy Day, ‘Literacy club’ was introduced in the School by the class teacher & students of class VI.
                   The introductory speech was given by the teacher Incharge Ms. Suma Menon, where she introduced the President Jaanvi Joshi Vice President Ankit Sharma & Coordinator Dakshika Prajapati to the school. The members introduced themselves and were honoured by Principal Ma’am with badges.
Members of ‘Literary Club’ presented a skit before the school on the theme ‘Education – the most powerful weapon’.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Teacher's Day Celebration!

              On 5th September,Teacher’s Day, Birthday of our First Vice President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhkrishnan, let us get inspired by his philosophy to carry on the tradition of mentorship. Adopting  best of teaching practices & seating all round excellence in every sphere of our lines.

On this great occasion young soldierites displayed their gratitude towards their teachers in a special way. They tapped their feet and filled the air with music of respect. Every teacher had an overwhelming experience and their hearts filled with pride.

                                                        Teachers had fun with games and celebrated their day with great enthusiasm.They were asked to make paper castles,eco jewellery and float the balloon in the air.Teachers had real fun to store in the memory treasure.

Monday, 3 September 2012

English Play Competition

Classes- VI to VIII
Inculcating Presentation conversation skills in children has always been a concern for all stake holders in education. The purpose is to not only create their own knowledge but also interpret, analyze & evaluate it. Dramatics, role play are the modes to achieve this objective with the same objective our school organized English play competition for classes VI-VIII on 3rd sep. 12.

Teachers & Students efforts could be seen during competition. Principal ma’am appreciated them for the efforts and announced the results VIII A was the winner with 24 points, class VII was first runner up with 21 points, class VIII B was second runner up with 20 points and class VI was third runner up with 18 points.


Date:   01.09.12

                                Science may set limits to knowledge but it has no limit for imaginations.’To prove this our school organized an interactive session of fun with science in the Activity Hall for classes I to VIII. Our budding youths put on their best and opened our eyes to the scientific world by showing various simplified scientific experiments up to all class levels like: ‘Chemical changes are irreversible’, ‘Dancing raisins’, ‘Replacement reaction’, ‘Hanging bottle’, ‘Air exerts pressure’, ‘Newton disc’, ‘Air is needed for combustion’,’ Convection air’, ‘Chain of paper clips’ and many more to count.
                                      The children put up a valuable program, showing various funs as well as learning experiments which can be conducted in our daily routine as well. The response of the audience was also appreciable as they were not mere spectators but responded well to the question s asked during the session. Thus, at the end it was overall a knowledgeable gathering wherein the efforts put in by our teachers as well as the students was clearly visible.
Hence we proved that science is not merely cramming of things but it is putting the facts into the real life situations.



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