Friday, 27 July 2018

Guru Purnima Celebrated @SSPS

                Today SSPS, Pratap Nagar celebrated the Guru Purnima in the school campus.

                          On this Occasion, the little toddlers sang a song to pay tribute to their Gurus. ‘Shlokas’ were presented in a melodious way and a skit was presented depicting the importance of the day.
                  Our respected Principal Ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh taught them the importance of Gurus in life and how to celebrate it. She appreciated the efforts done by the little ones and the teachers.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Voting for Head Boy and Head Girl !!!

                               "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more you are a leader."

                                    The school today organized voting session for the nominations of Head boy and Head girl.  For Head Boy the nominations were SHIVAM DADHICH from XII B and SHIVAM NATANI from XII A. For head Girl the nominations were PRIYANSHI JAIN from XII B and JAANVI JOSHI from XII B. Students from classes 6 to 12 casted their precious vote in the ballot box to choose their representatives. 
                                The students were elated to get an opportunity to elect their leaders and eagerly voted for their representatives. They were asked to put their secret votes in the ballot Box. Thus in this way the school Head Boy & Head Girl election was held in the campus!  

Wednesday, 18 July 2018


                                "A true leader makes his followers greater people than they were before."
                             To choose the representatives of the school council members campaigning for the post of Head Body & Head Girl was done on 18/7/2018. For Head Boy the nominations were SHIVAM DADHICH from XII B and SHIVAM NATANI from XII A. For head Girl the nominations were PRIYANSHI JAIN from XII B and JAANVI JOSHI from XII B. All the students came forward to express their views and appealed for vote.

Monday, 16 July 2018


                          Saint Soldier public School, Pratap Nagar organized the ‘Self Help’ activity in Pre Primary wing on Saturday.
                                     Teachers explained the student to do their work on their own. The students were taught to tie shoe laces, buttoning the skirts, to blow the balloon & to tie, and to wear ID cards. Students also learnt to arrange crayons properly in the box.
                        Our Respected Principal Ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh encouraged the students to do their activities without taking help. Somewhere, it was a work shop to teach the children “The self-dependence.” Students participated very actively and enthusiastically in all these activities.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Vegetable Speak Activity @SSPS

                                         Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar celebrated the Vegetable Speak ctivity in Pre Primary wing. Teacher shown them different vegetables in chart paper and made pictures on the board. Children spoke five lines on different vegetables.
                                      They got the knowledge about the vegetables. Our respected Principal ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh encouraged the students inactives as and the value of vegetables. 

Saturday, 7 July 2018


                      On 7th July Saturday with great enthusiasm and excitement world Population Day was celebrated in SSPS, A special assembly was arranged there. A message giving background was prepared. After prayer song a beautiful poem of Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan was presented. After poem there was a skit based on the topic how we can use population as a human resource. 
                         The skit was so much inspiring and students learnt not to waste our Human Resources. We can use them to build our country a developed country. After skit a speech was in live complete information about world population, reasons for increasing population and measures to control it. At the end celebration was ended with our Respected principal Ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh's Message.

Closing Ceremony of Van Mahotsav !!!

                                  Today 7th July witnessed the closing ceremony of Van Mahotsav week initiated from 2nd  July to 6th July. The school celebrated Van Mahotsav with great aplomb and enthusiasm. It was awareness for the conservation of forest and planting of new trees. This entire week was full of different activities like colouring competition, Painting competition creating awareness for the devastating environment and all the students took a step forward towards afforestation.

                               All these competition were extremely effective to enable students to join their hands for saving environment and ended on a note that Environment Resolution begins with greening Motherland. Our respected Principal ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh voiced the need and importance of planting trees on a regular habit.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


                                               Learn to grow plants – A Seed activity was held in Pre-Primary wing of Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar. Teachers took the children to the garden and explained how to grow plants and take care of them.
                                Students learnt to sow the seeds and also about the most required things to grow plants.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Opening Ceremony of Van Mahotsava Week @SSPS !!!

                              “Perhaps the Earth may teach us , the way to live life for others with wonderful example of trees”
                                  The morning of Monday July 02,2018 found the Saint Soldier Public School clad in green attire when the saplings for plantation were brought by students to mark the opening of vana mahotsava. To mark the best time for germination just before the monsoon is well sought by school to have greenery around.
                                                                The opening ceremony included the plantation by the school Principal Mrs. Aruna Suresh, students & teachers. The teachers were clad in green to mark their cheer and joy for the day. Here during the speech respected Principal Ma’am emphasized the need for upbringing of these saplings with utmost and hearty care. 
                           The students were sensitized to create a fresh wave of awareness in society about clean environment. It initiated and gave rise to the need of such day and to take all the revolutionary actions. The programme ended with a resolve in each heart to contribute their best possible to keep our earth clean and pollution free and let it breath freely.

Bulletin Board Competition @SSPS

                  ‘Creativity brings your inner sight out to the world.
                                      It is a mirror of your personality.’
                                    To join students of Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar with this thought a bulletin board contest was organized for them today on 30th June 2018.  It was a preplanned activity, they have been given their topics according to the level of their classes. They have prepared their material with help of their class teacher. One period was allotted them to stick their material. 
                               They were so excited, for this competition and they prepared the things with so much creativity class teacher had made a team of students for sticking the things on board. The boards were looking so colourful and beautiful. 

                                      They were representing the themes appropriately. These boards were judged by our respected Principal Ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh and authorized teachers. These activities provide a creative platform to the students and help them to develop their overall personality.