Friday, 17 May 2019

Felicitation of Toppers and Teachers @ SSPS

“Learning connects and stays with good results and gains.”

                                  To help them as they grow,.. Let this felicitation remind you,..You’re the best we know!. Saint Soldier Public School felicitated its meritorious students and teachers on the 16th of May, 2019, celebrating their astounding success in the Board exams. The program was arranged in Maharaja Ranjit Singh hall, Saint Soldier Public School, C scheme, jaipur under the guidance of honorary school Secretary Pratap Nagar Sardar Gurmeet Singh ji.
                                      The event commenced with the welcoming of the Chief guest IG JAIL Rupindra singh ji. The guest of honours were chairperson Sardar Ajay pal singh ji(President Gurunanak Dev Satasang Sabha and Educational Board),  Treasurer Jasbir singh ji, retired district judge Justice GS hora ,Thirth singh ji, Satyendra singh ji, kuldeep kaur ji and Indrajeet kaur ji and other dignitaries of field.  The proceedings began with the customary garlanding of chief guest and guest of honours by School Management committee. This was followed by the much awaited felicitation of the high achievers of the school. The Board results of 2019 have spelt tremendous success for the students of SSPS, with the number of meritorious students at an unprecedented high.
                                             The Maharaja Ranjit Singh hall was packed to capacity as the students and parents arrived in large numbers. The subject toppers and 90 percent achievers of Classes X and XII (CBSE) were honored by the guests and management committee, who not only bestowed their blessings on them but also spoke glowingly of their astounding success and encouraged the future students to aim for the top position. The teachers were also acknowledged by the school management, students and parents for their commendable efforts in the board result. Emphasizing the pivotal role played by the school in shaping their ward’s success, thanking the teachers of the school for all the timely help and guidance they had provided.
                                            The day ended with the speech of the respected chief guest Rupindra Singh Ji who congratulated the students on their achievement and wished them success as they stepped out of the portals of their Alma mater. He further shared his opinion as “In the context of today's new fast culture of Facebook and Twitter, every student needs a good friend and only a teacher can fulfill  the role of a friend, philosopher and guide. Teachers can be role models only when they practice what they teach in class -- be it cleanliness, discipline or punctuality. The ambience let the students and teachers to relish their company with each other turning into success. ”The management committee members said “The students have performed well and the credit goes to the teachers.” The school Secretary Sardar Gurmeet Singh ji and Principal congratulated the achievers and wished them GOOD LUCK. 

Monday, 13 May 2019

Mother's Day Celebrated !!!

                         To celebrate Mother’s Day-A Mother & Daughter programme was organized for girls of standard VI to VIII by Procter and Gamble, where in the mothers of the girls were called. The programme was organized to educate girls about menstruation cycle and how to take care of themselves during that time. 
                     The programme started with a video based on information about periods and problems related to that. Later an activity was organized in which girls gifted the greeting cards to their mothers made by them.
                                             In the end a video was shown to girls about the good and bad touch and grow freely in teenage. This was very informative programme which prepared them mentally. Last but not the least our respected Principal Ma’am appreciated the program. She also told children about the importance of mother and how each one of us should give respect to our mothers.
            We wish you all a ‘Happy Mother’s Day”.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019


                                            "The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do."

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

International labour Day!!!

            "Rome was not built in a day.
                      It had an array of effortless labour … in….day out."
                              On Wednesday, 1st May 2019, Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar celebrated International Labour’s Day. On this day we showed our gratitude towards the helpers of our society. Without their hardcore assistance it is not possible to maintain our life. They play an important part in every area of our life and society. To show our gratitude to them, to honour them for their valuable services this day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in morning assembly.
                              The helping hands of school received gifts from the students of the school. A beautiful skit depicting the problem of child labour, was also presented by the students. At the end the school Principal gave a message to the students to respect and value the services given by the helpers and made all aware about the problem of child labour.