Thursday, 26 April 2012

Inauguration of ‘ Heritage Club’

On 18th April 2012, on the occasion of ‘ World Heritage Day ‘, the ‘Heritage Club’ was introduced.
India has one of the world’s richest and most continuous of cultures. Unfortunately, much of India’s staggering heritage is in serious physical danger. So on the occasion of World  Heritage Day, the school joined hands together and promised to safeguard our cultural heritage.
The introductory speech was given by the teacher in-charge Ms. Shabnam, where she introduced the President (Ms. Mahima Khandelwal), Vice-President (Mst. Nishant Sharma) and coordinator (Ms. Lotus Kathuriya) to the school. The members introduced themselves and were honoured by Principal ma’am and given the badges.
Later, the members of ‘Heritage Club’ presented a skit before the school on the theme ‘Preserve our Heritage’.  

Monday, 23 April 2012

Inauguration Ceremony (20.4.12)

With the up gradation of the school to the senior secondary level, inauguration of the first floor was held on 20.4.12.

The inauguration ceremony was celebrated by the benign presence of all the esteemed guests and honorable committee members. The ceremony started with the religious ‘path’ by the ladies of the society and shabad singing by the capable students of the school.

The ceremony ended with a vote of thanks and by seeking guidance and blessings from the almighty by our Hon. Secretary sir. 

Grand Parents Day

Grand Parents Day was celebrated in a grand manner in the campus. Students enacted in what way they could help grand parents. Students danced for ‘Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Man jao’ . Anchoring part was done by students and it was a learning experience for the students to know about their grandparents. A gift was sent to all the grand parents through the students.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pre-Primary Activity Week

As pre-primary students are too young to be away from their parents as they take a bit of time to adjust with the environment. So the teachers of pre-primary planned a week of activities for them to like the situation and start loving to come to school.

Day 1
The first day started with prayer by the teachers and traditional welcome was done to the students. Fun with visuals activity was there. The teachers enacted a play which was humorous and students enjoyed it the most.
The first day gift  given was butterfly.

Day 2
Teachers performed the story ‘Unity Is Our Strength’ through finger puppets. The gift given on second day was elephant.

Day 3

Day 3 was allotted for ‘Fun With Maths’ Students could understand the pre mathematical concepts – big, small, tall, short, right, left and shapes were made clear through funny activities.

Day 4
Sand castle activity was held on day 4. Now a days, children’s are not allowed to play with sand at home and at school this opportunity was given to have fun filled learning environment. Students enjoyed this activity the most.

Day 5
 Nature walk was arranged on day 5. Students could enjoy the aesthetic scene of nature. They learned to help birds by hanging bird-bowls on trees for birds to drink water.

Day 6

Day 6 was allotted for swimming pool party. Students brought their swimming costume and they had a complete deep in the swimming pool and enjoyed the summer. This is another activity were the students had extreme fun.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Work Shop on Stamp Collection (16.4.12)

As CBSE has stressed on stamp collection to be done as a CCE tool to preserve the heritage of the country, a workshop was organized for the students of classes VI-X where Mr.M.B.Bhargav President of Philately club guided and directed about why there is a need for stamp collection and preservation. Inculcating the habit of collecting stamps has been a concern for all in CCE education pattern.

In the workshop students were guided and directed how to preserve stamps as they are precious and depict the cultural heritage. The students gained lot of knowledge. The workshop ended with the role of thanks given by Ms. Shabnam.    

Friday, 13 April 2012

Celebrating Baisakhi

On 13th April 2012 our school celebrated Baisakhi festival with lot of enthusiasm and gaiety. The celebration started with speech giving by the student of class VIII followed by a traditional punjabi folk dance by the students of classes VIII onwards. The dance was quite captivating.

14th April being the ‘Ambedkar Jayanti’, a student of class XI gave a speech on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The celebration ended with the speech giving by Principal Ma’am in her very own way by guiding the students on the importance of sacrifice.

Monday, 9 April 2012


New session 2012-13 started enthusiastically on 2.4.12. A special assembly was conducted by the SSPS teachers to welcome the students to the school in our very own traditional way. The assembly started by praying and with a hope to achieve success throughout. A welcome song ‘Swagatam’ was sung by the teachers, followed by a short skit focusing on exam phobia among students and imparting basic value that one can achieve success by regular studies. Regular studies can help us to be successful rather than last moment studies.

Students enjoyed the skit. It was an experience for them watching their own teachers performing on the stage. Students came to the school with new zeal to face and overcame new challenges of the new academic session.


 (President – ‘UDAAN’- NGO)

DATE: 26.3.12(Monday)

To guide the teachers of SSPS, a workshop was organized to give a brief on the teaching methodologies, what makes a teacher, a good teacher.

Mr. Abhinav guided the teachers to always notice what the student says. He believed that character is what the one do behind the curtain. A teacher should have a strong wish, strong trust, a positive thinking, always willing to learn.

He talked about ‘Time Management’ One should always make priority list and act accordingly. One should be organized and approach towards time. Accept the things, solution will always be there. With this note and various interesting activities the workshop came to an end.

 ‘Acceptance is positive emotion’
Teachers got to learn and enhance their teaching.   

Resource person: mr. r.k. saxena

date: 27.3.12(Tuesday)

                 We are all teachers but we should focus to be a good teacher always.Mr. Saxena guided us through his experience that how can a person be a good teacher. A teacher should be capable enough to solve the queries of his pupils. He should be always available to his students. There should be perennial resourcing of knowledge, a teacher should always be open to acquire more and more knowledge. He should act as a purifier and provide all valuable information to his students. He should be capable enough to deliver his lectures in the most effective manner. And the foremost thing is that his knowledge should be utilized to the fullest by his students and the scholar should attain satisfaction by getting the knowledge.The session ended with the vote of thanks by the Principal Madam.