From Principal's Desk....
                      Values of life often only become valuable only after we loose them.The most valuable things in life can neither be stored in a bank account - nor in a treasure box or purse - the most valuable aspects of life are of different nature. They are NON-material ! which can neither be bought or borrowed.The minute we understand this we start tasting the beauty of life.We should learn to select from infinite options life offers always the one option best suitable for your needs and the one which allows you taste the beauty of life. Education will give you the wisdom to choose the best option for you!

I strongly believe these  words……

              Where there is righteousness in the heart
              There is beauty in the character.
              When there is beauty in the character,
              There is harmony in the home.
              When there is harmony in the home.
              There is an order in the nation.
              When there is order in the nation,
              There is peace in the world………