Friday, 29 March 2019

Result and Felicitation @SSPS !!!

"Diligent, vigilant and Truthful, wins the race fruitful."
                                         Months of burning the candle in late night and rising before the sun have resulted in good for the students who worked hard for distinguished marks. The result of classes I to IX was announced on Friday, 29th March, 2019 where the hard work got appreciated. To promote and nurture young minds to the future needs the Saint Soldier Public School has identified and felicitated the toppers of classes on result Day.

                                          The students were admired and appreciated for their untiring efforts to achieve top grades. All the toppers were conferred on with trophies and appreciation certificates from the school principal. The principal praised and appreciated the toppers for their achievements and encouraged other students to work hard to achieve the high goals in next session through her motivating words. All to say is: - ‘The hard work receives its reward’

Saturday, 9 March 2019


Today, on Saturday 9th March 2019, A ‘Talk Show-Shiksha Sarokaar’ was conducted by CREDENT TV  at Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar where the various issues of Education world such as-Ego, Suicide, Exam stress, Molestation,  Depression, Aggression, Frustration and Students misbehaviors, were discussed. The interactive talk show had both the stake-holder teachers as well as students.
 The alarming rate of suicide among students, Aggression, was taken to hands, and their causes as well as solutions were also suggested by students in a very nice way.
 Students understood the root causes of these problems & their solutions. They promised to bring a change in society by analyzing why these problems are happening and various suggestive measures like stop giving self-importance and give up ego problems, so that they may leave in a flourish environment and serve the society more efficiently and effectively.
                                             The School Secretary Sir Shri Gurmeet Singh Ji and the school Principal have shared their views on above mentioned problems and on the whole the session was an eye opener to all us.