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Shabad Keertan competition on Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebration!

Shabad Keertan competition was conducted in the campus on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti celebration. The house In-charges and music In-charge had selected  interesting set of raags for the competition.The competition began with Omkar Jaap by Pre-primary students and that was just heart touching. The program was given a better shape with a thought of Guru Nanakji and a speech on Guru Nanakji. Jujhar Singh house was the winner of the competition and the program ended with a high note from the Secretary Sir highlighting from the teachings of Guru Nanakji.


Date:-23rd, November 2012

                  We the teachers of Saint Soldier Public School got the opportunity to be a part of the procession that took place on 23rd November on account of Gurunanak Dev Jayanti NAGAR KIRTAN SHOBA YATRA .                               The Nagar Kirtan rally commenced from the gurudwara at Chaura Rasta. The teachers gathered at the gurudwara and got a chance to savour the delicious langar of the gurudwara. Then at around three thirty the procession initiated from the main gurudwara till the sanganeri gate. It was a grand event to participate and to get the blessings of the Gurus.

We do care!!

The need for regular medical checkup cannot be overlooked.The school takes care of the health and hygiene of the students regularly.

 We conduct annual medical check-ups (inclusive of Vision, Dental, Obesity and physical examination at school premises. This saves time for the students and ensures that it does not interrupt their studies. After medical check-up, we provide descriptive report for individual students. This helps parents in understanding health of their child We keep  records to maintain year over year progress of each child We do follow-up calls with parents to ensure that required steps has been taken to ensure that child remains healthy. We arrange for health awareness seminars at school for students and parents.

Waves of change by CBSE ( Theme: Environment, Culture & Heritage)

Theme: Environment, Culture & Heritage Date: 29/10/2012
Environment is our life supporting system and culture is the unique possession of people. Culture is the full range of learned human behavior patterns.Culture is a powerful human tool for survival, but it is a fragile phenomenon.A nation that has no cultural heritage is like an orphan who has nothing to feed upon. An individual human being, a race or a nation must necessarily have certain roots somewhere. India is deep rooted in the culture of her past—the glorious past. Cultural heritage is irreplaceable which places the responsibility of Preservation on the current generation.             Under the WAVES OF CHANGE PROGRAM launched by CBSE, an activity was conducted in our school to develop an environmental and cultural literacy.
            The whole program was divided into four sections:- 1)Talk on the importance of environment 2)Power point presentation exhibiting the cultural diversity of India. 3)Talk on the need and import…

Rangoli Competition to mark DIWALI celebration.

The school organized Rangoli Making Competition on 8th November 2012 in 7th and 8th periods.The Students enthusiastically participated in the event .The School was filled with the air of colours. The children showcased their artistic spills and enjoyed a lot. Finally, the day ended with healthy sports spirit and joy of festival.

ANNUAL DAY! the Grand Gala event!!!

                           The Stage All set!!

Lighting Ceremony by chief guest Justice shri.Manish Bhandariji & Ajaypal Singhji Saint Soldier enjoyed a thrilling evening as the school celebrated its 5th annual function at the school campus under the guidance of its secretary sir Sardar Gurmeet Singh ji and principal Ma'am. Renowned justice Shri Manish Bhandari was the chief guest of the function, Shri Harcharan Laiker and Sardar Jasbeer Singh Ji were the guest of honour. The school function was presided by its Chairman Sardar Ajay Pal Singh Ji. Awaiting prizes to reach the hands of winners!!

Ready to welcome parents!! The annual day was a huge success; the theme of the annual function was ‘The Lost Ethics’. The course started with the lighting of the lamp. The cultural programme initiated by showcasing the beauty of five elements; the senior students also paid tribute to Michael Jackson by putting their best feet to execute moon walk. Our tiny tots also illustrated their unlimited …


“While it is well enough to leave footprints on the sands of time, it is even more important to make sure they point in a commendable direction”.
                  Annual day function has become a sort of compulsory celebration as during this annual day, the school students get an opportunity to exhibit the talents in their possession in different walks of life that to encourage the students as an asset of the nation. So, keeping in mind the value and importance of this annual celebration, we had started  planning about the function in the month of September and the wheel started rolling from that moment.     
            Great excitement and hurried activities are visible all around.. The preparations began almost one month in advance with lots of rehearsals. The whole school becomes suddenly much more active.School has a lot to offer.
                   The first and foremost task was to define a committee responsible for executing the annual day functi…