Friday, 2 November 2012


                         “While it is well enough to leave footprints on the sands of time, it is even more important to make sure they point in a commendable direction”.
                  Annual day function has become a sort of compulsory celebration as during this annual day, the school students get an opportunity to exhibit the talents in their possession in different walks of life that to encourage the students as an asset of the nation. So, keeping in mind the value and importance of this annual celebration, we had started  planning about the function in the month of September and the wheel started rolling from that moment.     
            Great excitement and hurried activities are visible all around.. The preparations began almost one month in advance with lots of rehearsals. The whole school becomes suddenly much more active.School has a lot to offer.
                   The first and foremost task was to define a committee responsible for executing the annual day function. After final discussion, we skillfully drafted the programme to give it final shape with the theme and songs.
                            The school is about to get a complete face-lift with all the areas thoroughly cleaned and decorative pieces artistically displayed on the bulletin boards..
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Another important feature of the preparation is the regular practice session of the cultural programme to be staged on the final day. Students, participating in the dance, drama and music programmes, are called for long rehearsals.

                The theme is well defined and it is about that we are actually interested in  virtual world rather than with the real world.What we miss is the relationships between people.The making of it had so many ups and downs and hits and slips and hardwork involved.Take a glimse of it!!!!

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