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“Science is a boon”. The statement proved by Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar. A concourse of science experiments was held by the teachers.                                   It was named “FUN WITH SCIENCE”. Teachers displayed various experiments to the students. Activities like-make your own Volcano, Floating egg, dancing popcorn, magic letters, travelling water, no blast with water filled balloon, stuck a balloon on the board were shown to the students.                                  Teachers told and discussed the concepts of the above activities like-high air pressure, charging by conduction, attraction with static electricity and chemical reactions.                                All the students enjoyed the session and learnt a lot. The activity ended with a positive note that students gained knowledge with fun.


All the power is within you,             You can do anything and everything,                    Believe in that…..                          Don’t believe that you are weak                               Stand up and express the divinity within you.                      Marching ahead with the same feeling and belief Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar conducted a two days workshop for “Motivation-the power to create… carry on … conclude in success for the students of class 9th to 12th. 
                    Here ‘Mr. Rajiv Mishra’ a prominent national motivational speaker of RISE held the workshop Mr. Rajiv correctly read the minds of students with lingering questions on how to head towards success, explaining the mantra of self-belief, self-reliance and self-motivation.                             He presented himself to the students with drastically affecting data about being self-reliant. By his words “one should believe oneself.” He focused routine plans in the impact of contemp…

Independence Day and Janmashthami celebrated !!!

The fine morning of Tuesday 15th August 2017 brought the sense of freedom &sovereignty among all Indians with an array of believes, when Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar celebrated the 71st Independence Day & Janmasthami celebration with full zest to the best.

                     The whole premises were full of patriotic and worshipping feeling. It started with the flag hoisting by The Chief Guest  of the occasion Sardar Ajay Pal Singh Ji (Chairman Of Guru Nanak Dev Satsang Sabha Education Board &  President Of Rajasthan Sikh Samaj & Former President Of Rajasthan Housing Board), Along With Guests Of Honour Sardar Jasbeer Singh Ji (Chairman Of Minority Commission Of Rajasthan), Sardar Baldev Singh Ji General Secretary Of Guru Nanak Dev Satsang Sabha Education Board, Sardar Kesar Singh Ji President Of Gurudwara Raja Park, Sardar S.P.Singh Ji President Gurudwara, Mansorovar, Sardar Bhupendra Singh Ji & Sardar Balbir Singh Ji Members …

National Symbols Activity and Rakshabandhan Celebration !!!

Today, there was a beautiful day for all the students of Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar. Starting the day with our National symbols recognition. Very firstly mother teacher Mrs. Nidhi explained the National symbols to the children and their importance also. After that children dressed up like National symbols and recited some lines on them. A beautiful patriotic rhyme was recited by the students. Children enjoyed and learnt a lot from this activity.

     'Raksha bandhan’ was also celebrated in a grand manner. Respected Principal Ma’am Aruna Suresh briefed about the importance of this festival.  The students tied ‘Rakhi’ to Principlal ma’am. They tied rakhi to each other and enjoyed sweets also. It was a great day with lots of fun and learning.


On the fine day of Saturday 5th Aug. 2017 Investiture Ceremony, to handover responsibilities to new leaders was held in Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar.The auspicious ceremony started with the welcome of our Secretary Sir Sardar Gurmeet Singh Ji & Respected Principal Ma’am Aruna Suresh followed by lamp lightning ceremony seeking wisdom from the almighty. After that the newly appointed school council members presented a crisp march past. Then the school council members marched ahead on stage with heads held high, to the beautiful beats of the school band where they were designated with their badges & sashes by our respected Secretary Sir & Principal Ma’am.
                         School is divided into four houses for its smooth functioning i.e. SAHIBZADA AJIT SINGH HOUSE, SAHIBZADA FATEH SINGH HOUSE, SAHIBZADA JUJHAR SINGH HOUSE & SAHIBZADA ZORAWAR SINGH HOUSE.                Each house incharge then came ahead and announced the names of…