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Christmas celebrated

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and beholds everything softer and more beautiful. Thus, on the eve of Christmas a short celebration was held in our school. We had the honour to have with us our respected Secretary Sir, on this day Birth of Jesus Christ holds a great significance. Therefore at the initiation of the celebration a short nativity act was presented by the students of classes III – V. To express the heartfelt gratitude to the almighty, and to add divinity to the ambience carol song were presented by students of classes IX-XI.
Christmas celebration was held in Pre-primary section. Tiny tots prepared a skit on the birth of God Jesus. Children came in the get up of mother Merry, Joseph, sheeps and shepherd, kings, fairies and angels. After wards children enjoyed the dance party other students came in Red and white dress. Children were looking stunning in this theme.

Each carol spread the message of Humanity as a mark of Christ’s birth. To continue with the Christma…