Monday, 9 April 2012


 (President – ‘UDAAN’- NGO)

DATE: 26.3.12(Monday)

To guide the teachers of SSPS, a workshop was organized to give a brief on the teaching methodologies, what makes a teacher, a good teacher.

Mr. Abhinav guided the teachers to always notice what the student says. He believed that character is what the one do behind the curtain. A teacher should have a strong wish, strong trust, a positive thinking, always willing to learn.

He talked about ‘Time Management’ One should always make priority list and act accordingly. One should be organized and approach towards time. Accept the things, solution will always be there. With this note and various interesting activities the workshop came to an end.

 ‘Acceptance is positive emotion’
Teachers got to learn and enhance their teaching.   

Resource person: mr. r.k. saxena

date: 27.3.12(Tuesday)

                 We are all teachers but we should focus to be a good teacher always.Mr. Saxena guided us through his experience that how can a person be a good teacher. A teacher should be capable enough to solve the queries of his pupils. He should be always available to his students. There should be perennial resourcing of knowledge, a teacher should always be open to acquire more and more knowledge. He should act as a purifier and provide all valuable information to his students. He should be capable enough to deliver his lectures in the most effective manner. And the foremost thing is that his knowledge should be utilized to the fullest by his students and the scholar should attain satisfaction by getting the knowledge.The session ended with the vote of thanks by the Principal Madam.

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