Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pre-Primary Activity Week

As pre-primary students are too young to be away from their parents as they take a bit of time to adjust with the environment. So the teachers of pre-primary planned a week of activities for them to like the situation and start loving to come to school.

Day 1
The first day started with prayer by the teachers and traditional welcome was done to the students. Fun with visuals activity was there. The teachers enacted a play which was humorous and students enjoyed it the most.
The first day gift  given was butterfly.

Day 2
Teachers performed the story ‘Unity Is Our Strength’ through finger puppets. The gift given on second day was elephant.

Day 3

Day 3 was allotted for ‘Fun With Maths’ Students could understand the pre mathematical concepts – big, small, tall, short, right, left and shapes were made clear through funny activities.

Day 4
Sand castle activity was held on day 4. Now a days, children’s are not allowed to play with sand at home and at school this opportunity was given to have fun filled learning environment. Students enjoyed this activity the most.

Day 5
 Nature walk was arranged on day 5. Students could enjoy the aesthetic scene of nature. They learned to help birds by hanging bird-bowls on trees for birds to drink water.

Day 6

Day 6 was allotted for swimming pool party. Students brought their swimming costume and they had a complete deep in the swimming pool and enjoyed the summer. This is another activity were the students had extreme fun.

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