Monday, 3 September 2012


Date:   01.09.12

                                Science may set limits to knowledge but it has no limit for imaginations.’To prove this our school organized an interactive session of fun with science in the Activity Hall for classes I to VIII. Our budding youths put on their best and opened our eyes to the scientific world by showing various simplified scientific experiments up to all class levels like: ‘Chemical changes are irreversible’, ‘Dancing raisins’, ‘Replacement reaction’, ‘Hanging bottle’, ‘Air exerts pressure’, ‘Newton disc’, ‘Air is needed for combustion’,’ Convection air’, ‘Chain of paper clips’ and many more to count.
                                      The children put up a valuable program, showing various funs as well as learning experiments which can be conducted in our daily routine as well. The response of the audience was also appreciable as they were not mere spectators but responded well to the question s asked during the session. Thus, at the end it was overall a knowledgeable gathering wherein the efforts put in by our teachers as well as the students was clearly visible.
Hence we proved that science is not merely cramming of things but it is putting the facts into the real life situations.


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