Tuesday, 3 January 2012


For Christian people no day is as gloroius and as joyous as the day on which they commemorate the Nativity of Saviour - Jesus Christ.

The birth of christ offers several values to meditate upon: peace, hope , love, sharing, hospitality, compassion and human dignity.

To present before the students life of St. Nicholes(Santa) and rejoice over the festival christmas was celebrated by all in the school.

The celebration started with Nativity scene, followed by dance presented by class VII girls on christmas carol, christmas carols were sung and then a skit on 'Santa' was presented by students of classess VII & VIII.
A student dressed up like Santa went among the students and distributed sweets. And at the end an inspirational story was narrated by Principal Ma'am. 

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  1. Had LOVED the program & the arrangements...
    May GOD bless our SCHOOL...!!!



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