Monday, 1 October 2012

Fun With Maths!!

                                        To make Maths easier to understand to examine our students, maths club conducted Fun with Maths in two levels, classes I-V and Vedic mathematics for classes VI-X.
                                           Ms.Poonam conducted ‘Fun With Maths’ level 1 (I-V), where generalised questions on maths were asked from the students and then the competition between students was organised on ‘Basic Maths’, slide show presentation was made by the teacher concerned to make the basic concepts of maths more clear to the students.
                       In level 2 (VI-X), an introductory speech on Vedic maths was given by Mr. Praveer Roy. Later Mr.Rajesh along with Mr.Praveer introduced the methods of multiplication (Nikhilam method) to students. Students & teachers were even invited to the board to solve few problems. At the end a brief ending note was given by the teacher concerned. The student’s enthusiasm & Zeal could be seen while they were solving the problems on the board.

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