Saturday, 27 April 2013

Nukkad Natak Competition!!

                                                                      Date: 27/4/13
Childhood itself is more lovely than a cheerful, kindly, sunshiny old age.
But, it is estimated that there may be two hundred and fifty million children in the world engaged in some form of exploitative child labour. This is an alarming call that we should stop this mishappening. Thus, today we raised our voices against Child Labor by organizing an Inter – house Nukkad Natak competition on Child Labour.

All the houses came out with a factual and eloquent presentation of their ideas. They in their own way expressed how child labour is hazardous for our society and how and why it should be stopped.

At the end our principal ma’am shared her valuable views with us and declared the result. The Winner was Zorawar Singh House.

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