Friday, 6 September 2013

Teacher's Day Celebration!!

Date: 5-9-13( Thursday)

5th September - birthday of the Dr. S. Radha Krishnan is celebrated worldwide as teacher’s day. So, the students of SSPS also celebrated this day as a tribute for their teachers . The celebration initiated at 10:00 a: m wherein our respected Secretary Sir and Principal ma’am followed by all the teachers were very warmly welcomed by the students. The programme started with the prayer song and after that our honorable secretary and principal ma’am were welcomed on behalf of the staff and students by giving a bouquet as a token of affection from our side. 
Each Teacher has some special quality in them that makes them different from others. So to highlight these qualities students, honoured the teachers with special titles.
Subsequently the students presented a stupendous dance performance energizing the ambiance. After that the students of IX class enacted a short entertaining skit depicting student - teacher classroom tête-à-tête.  Children had also organized a few games for the teachers. The first game was for female teachers in which they had to make popcorn garlands. Six volunteer female teachers were called and they were given one minute time to make a garland. Ms. Rashmi Soman was winner of this game.
Next to this was a male teacher turn, in which they were asked to hold the balloon with a straw and were asked to walk till the finishing point. The game was very exciting and after a lot of excitement Mr. Satish Sharma was the winner of game. The third round was pass the box in which a few teachers had to perform whatever was written their slips. Last but not the least was the lucky draw and Mr. Suresh was the lucky teacher to get the prize.
Before finishing off with the cultural programme Secretary Sir inspired us with his driving words and gave the best teacher award to Ms Rashmi Sonam.
At the end Principal Ma’am quoted an inspiring poem of API Abdul Kalam, giving us the message to keep high determination and positive attitude achieve our goal.
Lastly Rajesh Sir expressed vote of thanks on behalf of SSPS staff. Thus, on the whole it was a very short and sweet celebration that made Teacher’s Day more special for all of us.

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