Friday, 7 February 2014

Bid Adieu to the seniors!!

Date: 01/02/2014 (Saturday)

‘Don't be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.’

                            On 1/02/14 our school bid adieu to our 12th class students. A short and sweet farewell party was organized by 11th class students for their seniors. Before initiating with the programme our esteemed Secretary Sir And Principal Ma’am were welcomed in our Indian tradition by applying tilak. The auspicious occasion started by lighting of the lamp by our Respected Secretary Sir and Principal ma’am.

To bid adieu is a time to move on , to conquer new battles and scale new heights…on this note Mr. Navneet Babar addressed the gathering of our parting 12th class. Thereafter Mr. Rajesh wished students good luck and said a few words of encouragement to the audience.Then our senior students were invited to the Dias to light the lamp and to get the blessings from the universe. Thereafter our respected secretary sir and principal ma’am illuminated their diyas , then; our respected ma’am came forward for the pledge.

After the pledge all the students placed their diyas on the globe giving the message that wherever they go they’ll ignite others with their knowledge which they have gained from Saint Soldier Public School.Subsequently the 11th class students presented their ingenious dance performance refreshing the fond memories spent together with their seniors.
‘A wave of hand, few drops of tears never thought of farewell all these years’ with these words eleventh class boys presented a parody of old and new farewell songs wishing them to smile always and be in touch.
To spread smile to our seniors the students of eleventh class gave interesting titles to their seniors, and our respected secretary sir and principal ma’am were invited to distribute the presents, good luck charm and title cards to the 12th class students.
To add more fun to the event few short games were organized or the students.At the end of the programme our respected secretary sir gave his blessings to the students and wished them prosperous life ahead. Our respected principal ma’am also shared a few nostalgic moments spend with the students and ended her speech by narrating an inspiring story and giving students keys to achieve success.

Last but not the least was the sashes that were again distributed by our respected secretary sir and principal ma’am. Mr Saint Soldier was given to Saket Pareek, Ms Saint Soldier to Deeksha Natani, Mr. and Ms Sincere was given to Harshit Sharma And Anita Meena respectively. Mr Evening was bagged by none other than Shailendra Neemka and Ms Evening was Pratigya.

At the end head girl of the school presented her vote of thanks. The parting 12th class also presented a souvenir to the school showing their respect and gratitude for the institution. The farewell party ended with refreshment and jam session that was enjoyed the most by all the students.

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