Thursday, 28 August 2014

Class Mein Blast Activity

“Class Mein Blast” Activity was conducted in school, presented by Nickelodeon cartoon channel. The students of 2nd to 8th standard participated in it. Many cartoon video were shown to the students which were followed by questions based on those and gifts too to the correct answers. First video was of cartoon “Pakdam Pakdai”.

Next activity was “Dog and “Bone” game where-in 12 students were called and divided into teams. The team with maximum number of handkerchief picking was announced winner. Later “Story Telling” presented by “Chericof Cough syrup” was conducted. The team which framed the best story using provided five lines on “Chericof” was announced winner. Post this activity a Drawing Competition was introduced wherein students will have to draw cherry fruit as a “Superhero” and name it also. In the last the students were made to play “Tug of war” presented by Act-11 popcorn. There were five students in each team.

This whole activity was funfilled. The student enjoyed and participated enthusiastically in all the activities. In the last gifts were distributed to all the students.

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