Monday, 26 January 2015


 “Freedom in mind
Faith in words
Pride in our hearts
Memories in souls,
Let’s salute the nation
On this Republic Day “

 26 January 1950, a Golden date in Indian history, when the constitution of India came into force.The calumniation day of Himalayan efforts of all the freedom fighters.This has been a tradition of celebrating this day every year in our country, so 66th Republic Day was celebrated  with  utmost fervor and enthusiasm in the school .The program initiated by welcome of the invited guests.  Former counselor, Mr. Devendra Singhji as Chief guest and Sardar Satwant  Singhji, Senior Vice President Rajasthan Sikh Samaj & Vice President Gurudwara Raja Park  as Guest of Honour illuminated  the seats of guests along with Respected Secretary Sir Sardar Gurmeet Singhji . After that, the symbol of integrity of India, tricolor was hoisted by Honorable chief guest followed by national anthem. Getting India free from British Government was not easy, it was attained through united efforts of millions of freedom fighters, to display the same unity of mind and action, a group of students presented a mass drill. Hindi and English speeches were delivered by Rishabh and Sukanya respectively. The  Indispensable  part of any celebration  is dance ,so two dances  were presented by  girls and boys respectively  on patriotic fusion  songs ,displaying  rich culture of India. Filling the whole environment with patriotism, a patriotic song was sung by choir group. Later   respected   chief guest encouraged the assembly with his motivational words. The program ended with Vote of Thanks by Honorable Principal . 

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