Thursday, 3 September 2015

Teacher's day Celebrated

"A teacher is like the candle  who  burns itself to light the life of others."
Displaying heart felt reverence and love towards the  teachers  "Teachers Day " was celebrated in school premises.

Entire programme was overflowing with sense of gratitude towards teachers' untiring efforts to build students life .The programme initiated with "Guruvandana" ,followed by a dance performance by girls of class  xi- xii.After this boys of class xii class performed on a beatty  dance number which coloured the whole environment with festivity  and ferver.After that Honey Sharma of class VI A expressed her thought on importance of teachers.Post this, cards and flowers were presented to teachers as token of gratitude. The programme reached to it's hights with  dance performance by  students of class X boys. Then honourable Principal ma'am addressed the students and shared role of teachers in students' life .In the end Head girl Mahima Khandelwal gave vote of Thanks .The programme ended in  enthusiastic note. 

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  1. Nostalgic! Miss everything, Teachers, Campus everything!
    GOOD LUCK!!! :)



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