Tuesday, 7 March 2017


                             Every student faces the question of ‘what next’ after class 12th and 10th. They have to decide a Stream out of - Humanities, Science and Commerce, and the only career guidance she/he has is the opinion of their parents and teacher’s judgment based on marks and comments of their friends and neighbours. It is at this point that a career counselling steps in and helps the child sail through these turbulent times. Career counselling involves scientifically developed aptitude and personality tests that helps the counsellor give the best suited career advice to the students based on the report of the test.

                   Thus a two day career counselling session was conducted by our respected Principal Ma'am Mrs. Aruna Suresh for classes IX and X. The children were introduced with their own potential and self-awareness.  The key was to identify the unique qualities of their own self.

After that the students were guided with the right career choices. They were suggested to choose a stream which suits their interest and how such a choice makes it easier for them to grow and build a successful career. it was  added that one should choose career options that match one’s values because knowing what you value most will help you refine your career search and choice, values such as helping others, prestige, high income, flexible work hours. The students were guided that no career or subject should be due to parental or peer pressure.
                                                Tips were also given on how one can perform well in a Group discussion and Personal interview. Also one should work on body language and communication skills if one wants to crack a group discussion and personal interview.
                                              Two activities "Ice Breaker" and "Clay and Sculptor" were also conducted to identify the interest of the students and to develop the creativity of the students. It was an interesting session and the students learnt a lot through the counselling session organised by ma'am.



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