Friday, 4 May 2018


                                   Depression, anxiety and stress as major psychological issues affecting students, the urgent need for counseling in schools for teachers and students was outlined at session in Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar on Friday, May 4th 2018. Highlighting the mounting pressure faced by students, the session was to train teachers better to tackle these issues, taken by Mr. Ranjeet Rajput, Director of Brainmita counseling academy. The session was interactive and interesting.

                              Our Respected Principal Ma’am Aruna Suresh, introduced the counselor, and the topic of the session the main concern was parent, teachers should become facilitators, towards dealing with depression, anxiety and stress among school students. The discussion was also based on that teachers should know how to handle the adolescent children and students should know how to cope with the stress. 
                                 As the incidents are happening on a regular basis, taking them as an eye-opener the teachers should devise a holistic plan to sort out this problem. The focus was also on the role of teachers in promoting the social emotional health of students at risk, an innovative counseling intervention with in schools, context that focuses on enabling them, being more resilient in order to better deal with case of ‘difficult’ students. 

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