Friday, 22 June 2018

Motivational Workshop @ SSPS !!!

        A Jerky Standstill…
Filling all with Thrill…
                                   What a day for teachers planned and progressive with sparky ignition of building capacity and motivation to keep the fire burning through rain and drain for young learners. 

                                        On Friday 22 June a very renowned and passionate motivational speaker Mrs. Karuna Yadav Principal KGP visited the campus to sensitize the teachers about their duties. Our respected Principal Ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh presented bouquet to welcome her. Ma’am Karuna Yadav insisted on every teacher’s capability to share and serve the society.

                                 She emphasized being morally high, mentally alert with multitasking skills, Physical fitness and social participation as the requisite and products of true education. The teachers felt ignited after the wonderful session.
                                 Towards the last Principal Mrs. Aruna Suresh presented vote of thanks to Ma’am Karuna Yadav, and said that the team will keep the points learnt as pearls of wisdom in their treasure memory and utilize it in their journey of education.

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