Wednesday, 5 September 2018

‘I bow to the ultimate truth of my Guru’

                                                  The fine morning of Wednesday, 05 Sept. 2018, the birthday of India’s Second President Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishanan was much enjoyed as the Teacher’s day. Well the fun and frolicsome day for teachers to relieve and relish the moments of life was started with the warm welcome to our honourable Secretary Sir Sardar Gurmeet Singh Ji and the our very own Principal Ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh along with teachers. 

                                        The students had much in the basket to share an amalgam of amusement for all teachers. The ceremonial day was enjoyed with cake cutting by secretary sir, Principal ma’am along with teachers. Initiated by the prayer song there were many activities and tasks for teachers. Teachers were given tasks of ramp walk, singing, acting and dancing. The title conferring session was fun filled.
                                         Every teacher received his or her token of love with great affection. Students also presented a dance drama depicting the relation of students and teachers. Honourable Secretary Sir inspired the students and teachers with his words to be true source of wisdom. Towards the last Principal Ma’am Aruna Suresh gave a heart full thanks to the efforts of students to mark the day. Such a happy and harmonious day to keep in mind for longer time.

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