Saturday, 17 November 2018


                                       Career advice and guidance acts as a stepping stone for success. In order to let career move in right direction, one must know the path to follow. Hence a career counseling workshop was organized by the counselors of Amity University for the students of class XII.

                         In this session the students were guided and counseled by Mrs. Jaslin Chawla , kulvinder Singh chawla and Tarun Bairagi  according to their streams to pursue and attain success in their ambition.The first step told to them to achieve their goals was to assess them. Each individual has different talents and interests therefore to determine what they would enjoy and excel at by taking career assessments and following their passion.
                                     The students were guided to rise above their fears to have a fair vision for future. The team gave the guru Mantra of planning, promotion and adaptability.   This motivational seminar ended with a video of big dreamers who dare to do something & finally achieve something. This workshop helped the students to cope up with their fears & to remove all the hindrances.  Later in the questionnaire Archana Peepliwal of class XII a won USB Pen Drive as a gift. At the end the our respected Principal Ma’am Mrs. Aruna Suresh thanked the team for guidance. 

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