Monday, 11 February 2019

Farewell Party@SSPS

                                          “If you are brave enough to say good bye life will reward you with a new hello.”
                                     On 9th Feb. Saturday 2019, our School organized a farewell party to 12th class students. This party was organized by 11th class students for their seniors. Before starting of the programme, our respected Secretary Sir Shri Gurmeet Singh Ji and the school Principal were welcomed in a traditional way by applying tilak , then lamp lightening was done by respected Secretary Sir along with Principal Ma’am.

                                                        XII std. students took pledge with the help of respected Principal Ma'am giving the message that wherever they will go they will spread their wisdom. 
                                               On this occasion Class teachers of XII A & XII B, Mr. Ajay Soni and Mr. Sunil Vaswani respectively, wished students good luck and said a few words of encouragement. Then Mr. Sunil presented a sweet and melodious song to entertain and inspire them.
                                        To make them smile the eleventh class gave them interesting titles and Secretary Sir and Principal Ma’am were invited to distribute the presents. The day was filled with song, dance-drama and interesting games and XI Std students tried to please the XII students in every manner.

                                     Garvit Mathur and Priyanshi Jain were declared Master and Miss of the Saint Soldier for their hard work, Sincerity and dedication shown by them throughout the year. Respected sir and ma’am gave their blessings to the students and motivate them to go on right path in their life. At the end XII class also presented a gift to the school to show their respect and gratitude for the institution. The party ended with the dinner.

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