Saturday, 7 September 2019


                                     “If your action creates a legacy that it inspires other to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.”
                                         The Investiture Ceremony of Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar was held on 7th Sept. 2019 with great enthusiasm. The ceremony started by lighting of lamp by our Honourable Secretary Sir Sardar Gurmeet Singh Ji and Respected Principal Ma’am Ms. Charu Gupta.
                                                  The members of newly elected student council were announced along with the names of House Captains and prefects. The newly appointed members marched in with heads held hig, to the beautiful beats of the school band on this great occasion of Investiture ceremony. The appointed Council members and house captains, prefects were adorned with sash, badges and certificates by our Secretary Sir, Principal Ma’am and House Mistress. Head Boy Mast. Khem Singh the oath to the council members and all other appointees, with a promise that they would discharge their duties with integrity, faith and excellence. Investiture Ceremony was followed by the motivational speech by our Secretary Sir. He urged all the students to follow 4 things that are important i.e. A-Academics, B-Balance, C-Curricular activities and D-Discipline.
                                                Followed by vote of thanks by Head Girl Ms. Karishma Kansotia, for their support in every aspect to bring out her best. The last motivational speech came from our respected Principal Ma’am. She motivated the childrens to keep moving forward despite all the obstacles and challenges that life throws in front of us. A great gesture was shown by our new appointees as to remember the day by planting trees under the guidance of our Principal ma’am. The ceremony concluded with National anthem.

The Members of newly elected students council are as follows
Head boy            - Mast. Khem Singh
Head girl            - Ms. Karishma Kansotia
Discipline Incharge    - Mast. Yash Bansal
Exnora Head         - Ms. Charvi Singh
Sports captain        - Mast. Anurag Sharma
Sports Vice Captain   - Mast. Ashok Sharma

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