Tuesday, 24 December 2019


                             Today on Tuesday 24th December 2019 the students of Saint Soldier Public School, Pratap Nagar remembered the Chaar Sahibzaade, who are being remembered from December 21 to 26 which is observed as Shahidi Hafta by the Sikhs since the hymn singing is an integral part of Sikhs, the shabad singing was done to remember the Good.

                                          To remember the commemoration of char Sahibzaade with great vigour, the programme began with the shabad of first group consisting students of class 2nd to 5th. After that a holy song was presented by the students of class 6th to 8th. The attraction of programme was the shabad presented by the kids of class K.G to 1st students sung the shabad nicely and their meditation and reflexive voice filled the air with devotion to the almighty god.

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