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DATE: -   9.7.12 to 14.7.12

                                    Van Mahotsav, a week long festival of tree planting is organised every year in the month of July, across India when millions of trees are planted. Following the same tradition our school also celebrated VanMahotsav Week. The Purpose is to create an interest among students to preserve forest & plant trees, because “Trees means water, water means bread & bread is life”. Students of every class were instructed to bring saplings to the school. They were instructed by their teachers to plant the saplings. This was the way to grow the love for trees & nature among the children.
On this occasion the “Eco Club” was also introduced in the school.
                                         ‘Eco Club’ was initiated to create awareness in our school children who are the future safeguards of society & environment.
The introductory speech was given by the teacher in charge Ms. Namita Sharma, where she introduced the President (Ms. Aishwarya saxena), Vice President (Mst. Rajat Choudhary) & Co-ordinatior (Mst. Ayush Gupta) to the school. The members introduced themselves & were honoured by Principal Ma’am.
                                              Eco club did the sincere attempt to develop among learners an awareness for resources conservation & conducted a skit by the students of classes IX & X in the morning assembly.
Aim behind the skit was to make the students aware about the effects of water pollution & make them understand the significance of natural resources in our life & appreciate the judicious use of resources for sustainable development.
On the last day of Van Mahotsav week Principal ma’am accompanied by the staff members planted the saplings and contributed to the environment.

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