Sunday, 23 December 2012


                                      The spirit of Christmas is the spire of giving and thinking about others. It’s a time for the celebration of life. With this sharing and celebrating note we celebrated Christmas on 22 – December -12. 

The programmed commenced with an enlightening speech given by PORSHIYA of Class – IX, Conveying the real message of Christmas. There after the celebration proceeded by a melodious carol sung by our choir. Then a short and sweet skit was performed by the students, letting us know exactly, ‘The best gifts’ that each should share with the other, the gift of LOVE,ETERNAL LIFE, FORGIVENESS etc. After that we had a charming dance performance by our young buddies.

The students tapped their feet to an English song with great spirit.
                                                         How can a Christmas be complete without a ‘Santa’ yes there was a surprise entry of Santa along with our tiny Santa who cheered the audience too.                        

 The programme ended with a speech given by Principal Ma’am.As usual she came up with an inspiring story which gave the message of helping each other will lead to happines.


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  2. Thank You Kapil for the comment and the compliment!!

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