Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Date: - 3-12-12
                                   In today’s world when everything is becoming costly and beyond our reach, it s very essential to have good money management. Thus, for this we organized a financial quest in our school. The students of class vii, viii and ix attended the session conducted by Mr. Sunil vijayvergia, Mr. Vinod Maheshwari and Mr. Zakir Husain.
                                The session dealt with how we should work out with our income to have profit, it also made us aware how even saving electricity, water can add to our penny. The session also focused on how these single saved pennies can make you a good business man.
                                Thus, the students were able to understand where money is coming from, where it’s going to, and how to make sure that the way you manage your money falls in line with the values that matter most to you.
A PPT on life history of Bill Gates was showed and the students and teachers as well were inspired.

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