Friday, 12 September 2014

Happy Teacher's day

Date: 4/09/14
On the eve of Teacher’s Day a teacher’s picnic to ‘Swapana Lok Resort’ was organized to rejuvenate and energize the spirit of teachers. It was a very welcome change from their daily routine.All the teachers were dressed in their best and boarded the bus from the school campus at around 11 a: m.The teachers had a great time in the bus and spent their time together by taking pleasure of the different games played during the bus journey.
We reached at the resort at around 12 noon where the teachers were provided with a welcome drink. The whole day was spent with their colleagues, in a completely carefree manner. To add more fun to this short and sweet picnic our principal ma’am had organized a few fun filling games like “Lemon on Bottle”, “Catching Balls” etc for the teachers. It was the most interesting and enjoyable session of the day. Each teacher got a break to become a child once again and thoroughly enjoyed the game session. Thereafter lunch was provided for the teachers. After an interactive game session teachers relished the lunch.
Subsequently the teachers rocked and danced on the D.J floor and enjoyed the rain dance. After freaking out with fun the teachers treasured the lush green ambience of the resort. It made each teacher memorize their school and college days back. It was a golden chance for teachers to have interaction with each other and to chill out.
As is rightly said ‘’ the test of an enjoyment is the remembrance it leaves behind.”

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