Monday, 22 August 2016


                         Gone are the days when world had distance, gone are the days when boundaries divided the countries, now everything is found at our doorstep, in the time of fastest means of communication, commutation and globalization. Humanity has entered in the era of globalization where in everyone and everything is connected to each other, everything is open for everyone and accessible. A new era has commenced where in people have realized that thinking as a global citizen would only help in making this world a better place and ensure overall development of humanity.

                          To train young minds as global citizens and connect them with this idea a house wise Collage making Competition for classes (VI-X) was organised in the school on 20th Aug. The topic of Collage was “World a Global Village”. Each house had six participants in total. This house wise Collage Making Competition provided an opportunity to the young minds to display their vision of world as Global village with creativity and innovation. The winner house was appreciated and awarded during assembly.

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