Saturday, 25 July 2015


Investiture ceremony of The Saint soldier Public School was organized on 25th July in school premises. A day when the students who are selected for the school council are vested up with their powers and positions. Yes, it is as similar as the democracy in India. The students from different classes and houses are selected as the council members of the schools.The students of classes  VI to XII are given the voting rights to choose their own representatives. This ceremony is meant to develop leadership qualities among the students.
The programme commenced with lightening ceremony by honourable Secretary Sir followed by prayer of goddess Saraswati Later all the council members march pasted to salute the Secretary Sir. Then came the proud moment of conferring the badges and sashes of the Head council members of the school by Secretary Sir escorted by Principal Ma’am.

Newly elected council members are Head Boy-Virendra Chaturvedi, Head Girl-Mahima Khandelwal, Discipline Incharge – Prateek Tambi, Vice Discipline Incharge- Aman Sharma, Sports Captain- Piyush Nirala, Exnora Head- Kanika Ojha. After Handling over the responsibilities to the head council members house wise conferral took place. Each House in charge along with vice house in charges felicitated the badges and sashes to their respective house council members. 

Later honourable Principal Ma’am stepped on stage to make all council members pledge for their duties. Followed by introductory notes of Head boy and Head girl of the school wherein they expressed their vision for this year.

Towards the end honorable Secretary Sir enlightened all the newly elected council members, with his motivational words. The Programmed calimmated with vote of Thanks by Ms. Suma Ma’am.
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